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Exploring the Chemical Literature

A library instruction session for CH744 (Chemical Biology), Fall 2010, Boston University

David Fristrom

on 8 October 2010

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Transcript of Exploring the Chemical Literature

Finding Articles... David Fristrom
Science & Engineering Library Where are Articles? Then Article is written and submitted to journal Edited, peer-reviewed, published Library receives individual issue Binds it with other issues Places it on shelf Now Article is written Submitted to journal Circulated online Edited, peer-reviewed, "published" May be printed and distributed in old method Journal publisher makes available online Publisher website
(ACS, RSC, etc.) Vendor website
(Elsevier ScienceDirect, Wiley, etc.) Library subscribes Open access, author website, institutional repository, etc. If You Have a Topic Indexes! Web of Science
(Science Citation Index) Founded in 1960 by Eugene Garfield Indexes about 7,000 scientific journals If You Have a Citation Do we have it online? Do we have it in print? Interlibrary Loan What if you only have an abbreviation for the journal title? CASSI (Chemical Abstract Service Source Index
http://cassi.cas.org/ Other sources:
Other sources Area Libraries (WorldCat) Contact author We have coverage back to 1965 Adequate topic searching, great citation analysis SciFinder Chemical Abstracts (indexes 10,000
journals back to early 1800s) Medline (5,200 journals back to 1947) Patents Structures Reactions Substance Spectra Requires account; limited seats Tips on Topic Searching BIOSIS Biological Abstracts Same interface as Web of Science
(but without the citation analysis) Google Scholar Keeping Current Web of Science: Alerts
SciFinder: Keep Me Posted
Online journals: TOC e-mails (e.g. ACS, RSC) Example:
J.E. Straub and B.J. Berne, "A rapid method for determining rate constants by molecular dynamics," J. Chem. Phys. 83, 1138-1139 (1985) Getting Help Individual database help system, tutorials, support
Science & Engineering Library Reference Desk: (617) 353-9474
David Fristrom: (617) 358-4124 fristrom@bu.edu
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