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if i stay book project

No description

emma gaudet

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of if i stay book project

Plot line
Rising Action
Falling Action
& Resolution

As Mia, teddy, and their parents are fighting over witch song to put on the radio they get into a massive accident on the snowy slippery road.
She sees that her parents are dead, and she cant seem to find her brother Teddy. Mia is confused, and worried because she sees herself laying on the ground unconcious.
Number One
Number Two
Number Three
The Conflicts
Character Traits &

The Three Questions
Theme development
Character Change
Welcome to my
BY: Emma Gaudet
Thank You for Listening!
Questions, Comments, Feedback?
If I Stay
book project
Mia, Teddy, and their parents were at their house in Oregon It was a snowy day, and they found out that they had no school. So Mia's parents decided to not go to work either. Since they weren't doing anything today they decided to go on a car ride to visit family friends.
Everyone that was in the car is in a bad condition, and is hurt very bad. Mia is unconscious, but yet she sees everything that is going on. She is alive, but its like she is a spirit.
Number four
An ambulance finds them, and rushes them to the hospital. While they are bringing Mia into a room she hears the doctors say that her brother is right behind her. Mia is relieved to find out that her brother is alive.
Number Five
In the same room she was brought to, doctors and nurses are doing some test on her to see how hurt she is.
Number Six
Once they are done testing her, they took her to a different room that she will be staying in.
Number Seven
This book first takes place at Mia's house in Oregan. Then after the accident it takes place at a hospital in Port Land.
Major characters
The major characters are Mia, Adam, Kim.
Minor Characters
The minor characters are Mia's parents, Gran, and Grandpa.
Soon Mia began to have several flashbacks about her grandparents, her boy friend Adam, and her best friend Kim.
Number Eight
While Mia is in the hospital she has many family members, and close friends that come to visit her. Mia's flash backs show you how strong her and Adams relationship is they love each other very much.
Number Nine
Kim went to tell Adam that Mia is in the hospital, and she is hurt very bad. So Adam rushed to the hospital.
Number Ten
Number Eleven
Number Twelve
When Adam gets to the hospital to go see Mia in the ICU the nurses refuse to let him in. Adam began to yell and demand they let him in. Adam knew he would have to come up with a plan.
Adam and Kim soon came up with an idea, they wanted to act as if they were fake nurses that worked at the hospital to sneak into the ICU. That plan that plan ended up not working because they couldn't find the uniforms of the nurses.

Soon they came up with a better plan. This plan was to capture the nurses attention while they sneak into. The managed to capture the nurses attention by pretending there was a famous person that was in the door steps of the hospital. Adam and Kim snuck into the hospital and went into the ICU before the guards could catch them.
Number Thirteen
Right When Adam and Kim get into the ICU, two guards grab them, and kick them out. As soon as the get down the elevator they see Willow a nurse, and a family friend to Mia. Willow tells the guard to let them go.
Number Fourteen
While Mia is in the hospital her boyfriend Adam comes to see her. He try's to make Mia stay. He tells her that he loves her, and he plays her favorite song to make her happy. Suddenly as Adam is holding Mia`s hand she realizes that it was time for her to decide if she wanted to stay.
Number 15
Soon Kim and Adam explain the whole story to Willow, and she understood. She lets them go in the ICU to see Mia.
In the book "If I Stay" there is no falling action or resolution because the book ends with the climax.
The overall mood of the book was sad but yet inspiring.
It was sad because this is a topic that could happen in real life. Things like this happen to people all over the world every day.
It was also inspiring because it shows the emotional struggle of the whole family, the boy who loved a girl, and how that love will save her.
Internal Conflict:

External Conflict:
Character Traits:
Mia is dying and there are people that are trying to save her. Everyone is trying to save her, the doctors, the nurses, Adam, Kim, and her grandparents.
Person vs Person
Mia is trying to decide weather she will live or die. That is the internal conflict because she is making a debating with her self.
Person vs Self
Mia is a very talented cello player. She is very shy and quite she doesn't make friends easily. She is not social and she is also reserved. She is a very strong person becasue even thought her arent and her brother died she found the will to live.
Mia's Motive to survive is Adam because she loves him. Adam is the reason why Mia wants to live
Flash backs:
Throughout the book Mia has many flashbacks and these flashbacks helped me better understand the book and the characters.The flashbacks showed me how close Mia was with her family, and it showed how strong her relationship with Adam was.
The theme of the book " If I Stay" is that love is worth living for.
In the begining:
Mia wanted to live. She wanted to live because her brother was alive, and she loved him. She wanted to live for love.
In the middle;
Mia finds out that her brother has died, and she doesn't want to live anymore. She loves her brother, and whats life without him. She then realizes that if she survives she has no loved ones to go back to.
In the end:
Adam comes to see Mia, and she realizes how much she loves him, and changed her mine. She has decided to stay. Mia will live for someone she loves.
Mia changed from being completely devastated, and wanting to die. To wanting to live for love.
This book was written in first person point of view. It is Mia speaking to the audience she uses words such as I.
Mia sees everything that is going on. Mia then knew that her brother was passed away. Usually Willow stays all night with her patients, and Teddy was her patient. Willow also had a very sad facial expression.
The theme of the book "If I Stay" is love is worth living for.
Mia can be symbolic for strong. The reason I think this is because after Mia's whole family has passed away she still has the courage to go back and live.
Adam is fighting with the hospital staff to let him. They refuse to let him in. This is the external conflict because both sides are present.
Person vs Person
In my opinion Mia changed for the better because everyone wanted her to survive.
While Mia was in the hospital she was visited by her grandfather. Mia was heart broken for the words that were spoken, she was having second thoughts about her decision. He had told her that it was alright if she left, he said it was alright if she let go.
I thought this song would be a good song to represent this book because it shows that no matter what there will be love, and that love can become immortal.
I picked this song because everyone is fighting for her to wake up, and stay. Say something would resemble stay with me, or something within that area.
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