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Egyptian Pharaohs and Chinese Emperors

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Nilesh Perera

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Egyptian Pharaohs and Chinese Emperors

Emperors Roles
Some jobs were they had to let his kingdom be united and not separated. They had to decide on rules and punishments of breaking a law. They were also head of the army and decided who was in what position. They had to keep there kingdom safe from rebellion and war but the Emperor always had to be ready in case a fight does start to happen.

Similarities and differences
Who was the first Pharaoh?
The first ever pharaoh that ever lived was names Menes. He was the first king of the first dynasty. Egypt was once divided into 2 kingdoms. The lower kingdom was called the red crown and the one above is called the white crown.

Chinese Emperors
Who were the Pharaohs?
The pharaoh was the head of the Egyptian society and was the most powerful person in the kingdom. Most of the pharaohs that ruled where men but in one period of time a female pharaoh was in position her name was Cleopatra. The Egyptians considered the pharaoh half human and half god. Some symbols of power were wearing expensive headgear to tell that they are the pharaoh.
Egyptian Pharaohs and Chinese Emperors
Pharaohs Roles
There main job was being head of the law and also being head of the government and deciding the rules. Some other duties were, they where head of the army, nation and state. The Pharaoh also decides a certain punishment for a law that has been broken by a citizen.

Who were the Chinese Emperors?
Emperors were the people that ruled the land. They were the head of all of China and they were the most respected by the Chinese society. They lived a luxury life and there relatives where nobles. The Emperor decides decision of rules and if a citizen breaks a law they decide a punishment.

*Look Into The Past: The Ancient Chinese (Page 6)
*Early peoples: Ancient Egyptians (Page 14-15)
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