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The Boy on Cinnamon Street

Book report by:Lillian Lefort

lillian lefort

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Boy on Cinnamon Street

by:Phoebe Stone The Boy on Cinnamon Street Synopsis Setting The setting takes place in South Pottsboro. In South Pottsboro its winter, and a very snowy one. In fact, its frozen solid. "Its icy and windy out there" The palm trees are covered to heavily that they are not even visible.
Over time it changes into spring,and
there is warmth in the air and beautiful leaves and flower petals on the outside ground. Characters ~Protagonist:Louise, now known as Thumbelina, is the protagonist. Thumbelina is four feet and seven inches tall. She has a horrible family secret, but until she reveals her true feelings, she is on the search for her secret admirer.
~Antagonist:The antagonist in this story is Thumbelina's secret admirer. He has a few tricks up his sleeves, so beware.
~Henderson: he is Thumbelina's best friend. He is tall, intelligent, funny and thoughtful. He helps Thumbelina find her admirer.
~Reni: she is also Thumbelina's best friend, as well as Henderson's sister. Reni is trustworthy, bubbly, and sweet.
~Grandma & Grandpa:Thumbalina's grandparents are two old, funny, loving people who will love each other until the end of time.
~Dad: Her dad calls her every once in a while, trying to convince Thumbelina to let him sell their old house which is unoccupied the moment, but she doesn't want to talk about it or talk to him at all
~Benny McCartney:He is thought to be Thunbelina's secret
~Merit Madison: a girl in the gymnastic team
that sends Thumbelina hate mail telling
her to quit the gymnastic
team Plot Diagram Climax Conflict Solving Tone ~The author used informal tone, because she used
common words that are used everyday.
~She also used serious tone at moments when joking wasn't an appropriate tone to use, like the time when Thumbelina's memories were told.
~Even though she used serious tone she used playful tone too. Not all of Thumbelina's life is sad and depressing.
~Phoebe uses the hopeful tone in the situation when Henderson is reassuring and making Thumbelina feel better.
~Nostalgic tone is used when she looks back at the times when her parents used to go to all of her gymnastic practices and she was happy,but that also sets a dark tone

Henderson is an intelligent, cheerful boy,
" I gotta get back to work.It's cold out there but at least it's not Jupiter. On Jupiter you'd freeze and choke to death instantly, if you weren't wearing a space suit." after this dialog it says that he looks cheerfully at Reni and Thumbelina, i would be lucky to have a friend who is this smart, and a wonderful person. Page 22 Rating I rate this book 5 out of 5
I rate it 5 out of 5 because it is an beautiful book about a girl who has scars from life, but she is saved. Saved by a truly amazing boy, that can clearly only be created in books. I would recommend this book to anyone that has a hard time in life. It might give them hope in the world when all else is lost. And this world could use some hope. The main reason i picked this book to read is because it has romance written all over it. Not all romance stories have a outcome as happy as this one does, but i would definetly recommend this book to anyone that likes emotional books. Lillian Lefort
December 20, 2012
Language Arts 7H
Ms. Anastasio Louise has a secret admirer. He sends her notes when she's feeling down, and draws chalk hearts on her sidewalk outside of her apartment. They should have a perfect relationship, but they never get together. Louise has the same problem with gymnastics.
It comes naturally to her, and can do cartwheels and flips all day long. She should be captain of the school
gymnastic team, but it just doesn't seem to work out.
She has a family secret that is holding her
back. It broke her heart and froze her inside.
It will take an extraordinary boy and an
astonishing spring to thaw her back out
again. Resolution Exposition Rising Action Falling Action Exposition
Thumbelina finds a note under a doormat in the hallway sticking out from one of the corners. Thinking that its a note from Merit Madison, Thumbelina doesn't want to open it, but doesn't want her grandpa to read it either. So she decides to pick it up. It says,"I am your biggest fan." She concludes that the pizza delivery boy, Benny McCartney, left the note. Exposition
Thumbelina finds a note under a doormat in the hallway sticking out from one of the corners. Thinking that it's a note from Merit Madison, Thumbelina doesn't want to pick it up. It says,"I am your biggest fan." She concludes that the pizza delivery boy,Benny McCartney, left the note. Rising Action
Thumbelina shows Reni the note and they both don't know what to make out of it .They ask Henderson to analyze the handwriting. So they all meet at Ben & Jerry's. Reni thinks that Benny is in love with Thumbelina, and is shocked when she tells Reni that she didn't notice him. Later they order a pizza to see if Benny will leave another note. Thumbelina puts on a dress that adheres to her fairytale name. Henderson quickly takes the pizza box and leaves urgently. Falling Action
At Cinnamon Street she remembers everything. She remembers all the good times she had before she moved in with her grandparents. She remembered the night she was screaming so loud her neighbor came over. She ran outside and climbed to the top of the tree in her backyard,she watched the ambulance take her still mother away. Her grandpa climbed the tree and carried her down.
After all the horrible memories flashed through her mind Henderson appeared. She told him that her mother killed herself. She didn't understand why everyone got what they wanted and that they hated her. Henderson replied "they are jealous of you." He also tells her that she's beautiful as he lays his head on top of hers, with his arms wrapped around her. He is,'' the best friend she ever had."
Thumbelina goes to an art gallery for Reni and Henderson's sister, Annais, and Benny goes on stage to make a speech. He says poem about Annais, in the poem he mentions a note and a bumper sticker that he thinks Annais put in his locker. Reni put them in his locker for Thumbelina. The crowd cheered when he was finished, Annais looked at Thumbelina, laughed, and walked toward Benny. He takes her hand and they walk away. Thumbelina was so nervous she rushes through the crowd and spills a bowl of lemonade she was standing by. It was raining cats and dogs outside. She ran to her house on Cinnamon Street. Resolution
In the middle of the night she becomes aware that she is sick. Thumbelina steps into the hallwy to go to the bathroom, stumbles and falls on the floor. Her Grandma brings her to her room and gives her medicin. For the next week she wakes up repeditivly,and has confusing dreams. When she wakes up healthy, its spring.A magnolia tree is in bloom right outside her window, and the air has a friendly warmth to it.Reni visits her and apolagizes for mixing her up with Benny.Thumbelina is informed that Henderson is at a writer's camp in Idaho.
When he returns Thumbelina goes to a park to hide her emotions about Henderson. After doing some gymastics in the empty park she finds a digital camera sitting next to her on the park bench. She thinks she will find the owner by looking at a photo,so she turns the camera on. The camera was filled with photos like:a person drawing a pink chalk heart on the sidewalk, a boy's torso holding a fan,that said"I am your biggest fan" underneath it, and other events that happened before Henderson went to camp. At the end a poem about Thumbelina signed,Love Henderson. The last photo a picture asking her to go to the Spring Fling dance with him. The next night Henderson comes to get her and on the trolly he tells her the ending of his story he has been workning on for a while now. They make it to the dance and kiss each other with their eyes. A kiss way better than any real one. And in that moment, she realized that not everyone gets saved like her mother, but she was saved by a boy named Henderson. The conflict in this book was about finding out if Benny was Thumbelina's secret admirer. Reni and Thumbelina put things in his locker, ordered pizza to see him, and even read a book he thought was amazing.
This problem was solved when Benny made his speech about Annais and when Henderson put the camera on the bench at the park. Benny's speech confirmed that he thought Annais sent him the note, and that he was happy that she was the one that did. Henderson's camera confirmed that he was her secret admirer, event though she already knew at that time.
I think this picture describes Thumbelina because
shes a beautiful girl with a hard time. She cant
stand up on her own two feet just yet, because she
too many heartbreaks. So she just has to sit back
and relax as much as possible and let life take its
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