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Saudi Aramco

No description


on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of Saudi Aramco


Aramco’s vision for the future is best described through the company’s 2020 Strategic Intent which states that by 2020, Saudi Aramco will be the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals company; focused on maximizing its income, facilitating the sustainable and diversified expansion of the Kingdom’s economy and enabling a globally competitive and vibrant Saudi energy sector.


Aramco’s mission statement has profitability at its heart, and it reads,
“Saudi Aramco's mission as an integrated international company is to engage in all activities related to the hydrocarbon industry, on a commercial basis and for the purpose of profit.”

Aramco Organization Business Chart:
Saudi Aramco
The World's most valuable company upgrades its SAP R/3 System.
• Introduction:
Type of ERP system
Saudi Aramco
is using:
For many years, Saudi Aramco used mainframe-based software systems that are referred to as legacy systems
The cumbersome legacy systems led Saudi Aramco to implement SAP’s (ERP) that integrated core business process and eliminated data silos.
SAP ERP system in a big company like Aramco covers a huge range of business functions including :

SAUDI ARAMCO With customers

• Enhance customers' satisfaction by solving their problems on the first contact.

• Access the customer information you need conveniently in one location – with customer service and support using SAP CRM.

• CRM systems can also give customer-facing staff detailed information on customers' personal information,purchase history, buying preferences and concerns.

Saudi Aramco use
Halogen Performance™
to mange all employees application
As Aramco grew, the leadership team found managing their talent on paper untenable. Aramco turned to Halogen for a powerful, yet simple alternative
With Halogen Performance™, it’s never been easier to transform your employee performance review cycle from a painful administrative burden to a collaborative, ongoing and strategic process. One that helps you build a high-performance culture where employees are aligned, inspired and focused on delivering exceptional results.

Done By :
Ghada Alkanhal
Manal Alsuwailem
Reem Alrasheed
Lulu Aljuffali
Mashael Alqasabi
Saudi Aramco are using
CRM Module in SAP system
which allow them to
The functional areas which applies the system

1.Shaping Our Businesses: Pursuing the commercial activities that will help us achieve our strategic objectives.

2.Enabling the Kingdom: Building on our heritage of providing opportunities for the citizens of the Kingdom.

3.Optimizing Our Processes: Creating agility as we move into new businesses and new markets.

4.Building Our Capabilities: Developing our talent and deepening our technology knowledge base.

The success of Aramco’s strategy will be measured through four objectives:

1. Write faster, more detailed employee appraisals.
2. Goal management. A SMART way to align and track goals.
3. Career and development planning. Shape and mold your dream workforce.
4. Keep everyone on track with automated email reminders.
5. Integrated talent profiles. One source. All the info.
6. Real-time reporting. Track status and results in just a few clicks.
7. The first real-time status update feed of talent management activity.

The advantage of using Halogen Performance:
SAP Medical Systems
SAP Hydrocarbon Management
SAP Plant Maintenance
SAP Supply Chain Management
SAP Projects and Capital Planning
The impacts and benefits from using the ERP system to
Saudi Aramco
as a whole
After an extensive evaluation and then implementation of SAP and other business enterprise software
it showed that SAP as an integrated system had significantly streamlined business processes,
improved responsiveness to customers and increased overall productivity of Saudi Aramco.
Also as it is a high quality system data, a key benefit, was allowing Saudi Aramco to react faster to
changing market conditions and the integrated approach added value to the decision-making
and strategic-planning processes due to the links between various types of data in the system.
SAP had not only streamlined the company’s operations, but also made a major contribution
to the company’s bottom line as it opened new doors for generating revenue and goodwill to Saudi Aramco.

Benefits for each Function :
SAP Finance
SAP Quality Management
SAP Aviation
SAP Drilling
SAP Portals
Hydrocarbon Supply Chain Management
Con. Benefits for each Function :
Thank You For Listening
Company location
• Products and services:
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