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Clique Pens

No description

Cammy Quach

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Clique Pens

Chen's Perspective
To promote the reduction of trade discounting in return for a ‘marketing controlled, consumer orientated MDF’ to mitigate the decline in gross profit margins

Believes that exploiting Clique’s opportunity to reach consumers through targeted marketing strategy is the most sustainable solution.
Division VP for Marketing

Pro consumer-oriented MDF

Believes that deeper engagement with target consumers will promote brand equity and awareness

Believes consumers are losing touch of Clique's brand
Sales Division

Pro retailer-oriented MDF

Want to satisfy retailers by giving tailored deals for specific accounts
MDF if discounts ↓ = ↓ sales 9% but ↑2% gross profit margin

Spending 30% too much on advertising

Retailers do not like instant coupons
Retailers only go for most profitable product

Final Recommendation
LT relations with retailers
Tailor distribution for retail outlets
Change packaging

Viral Marketing/ #CliquePens
Marget Segmentation

Expand product line
Clique Pens
Logan Chen
Ross McMillan

Test in Staples
- discounts on packs did not bring an ↑sales
Clique was founded in 1922
Originally produced fountain pens
Switched to ballpoint pens in 1960s
By 1980 Clique was valued at $US17 million
Main competitors - Bic, Pilot, Sharpie, Papermate.
Pen industry = No brand loyalty
Clique needs to focus on growing their brand
Instead of focusing on only marketing and sales
Need to focus on awareness & positioning
Chen & McMillan need to work together
Clique Dilemma
Debate between VP Marketing (Chen) & VP Sales (McMillan) for use of the MDF
They need to compromise and come to a final decision to grow Clique's brand equity
Improve relationship with retailers
Remove discounts
Tailor distribution
ie. WalMart - cheaper pens
Improve packaging - fashionable, vibrant
expand product line
moderate lvls diversification - related constrained strategy
make more relevant in pen industry
notebooks, highlighters, pencil cases etc
sustainable culture
68% - competitive differentiation
return empty pens & refilled
consumers want to contribute to a greener future
Cons of Chen's Recommendation
• Very unlikely retailers will accept a price increase
• Strategy = aggressive towards retailers.
• Clique will fall away from competitors.
• Chen needs to not only focus on consumers
Cons of McMillan's Recommendation
• Consumers chooses familiar brands
• Additional funds for “opportunistic” use = gross profit % decreases & high risk
• Should not focus solely on retailers & should consider consumers needs and wants

New focus on Market Segmentation
-Identify needs/wants of students of every level
-Correspondingly tailor packaging/promotional activities

Business (cut out the middle man)
- Exploit less saturated market space
- Develop bulk packing/logo print options

Co-creation/Promotional Activities

-Engage the student body at each level through co-creation
-Positive association with brand and education/creativity
-Take advantage of cost effective social media/viral marketing
-#cliquepen youtube competition for students
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