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San Marino Presentation

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Salma Jones-Pacheco

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of San Marino Presentation

Republic of San Marino
Cultural Aspects of Republic of San Marino
Government: Republic
Official name: Republic of San Marino
Major religions: Roman Catholic
Ethnic groups: Italian, Sanmarinese
Climate: mediterranean, mild to cool winters, sunny summers
Date of Independence: September 3rd, 301(A.D.)
Capital: San Marino
Currency: Euro
GDP: exchange rate $1.85 billion
Real growth rate: -2%
Labor availability: 93%
Agriculture: wheat, grapes, corn, olives, cattle, pigs, horses, beef, cheese, and hides
Currency exchange: 1 US dollar = 1.28 Euro
Natural resource is building stone.
Population smaller than Chula Vista
3rd smallest country in Europe
According to tradition,it was founded in 301 A.D. when a Christian stonemason named Marinusthe Dalmatian fled the island of Arbe to escape the anti-Christian Roman emperor Diocletian.Marinus hid on the peak of Mount Titano and founded a small community of people following their christian beliefs.
No national debt
Low unemployment rates
Budget surplus
The oldest constitution still in use.
Home to Mount Titano
Wealthy country
Neutral in WWI and WWII.
One-tenth the size of New York city
San Marino's climate is quite temperate throughout the year, so a visit anytime is enjoyable.
World's oldest constitution
19th century place of refugee for persecuted Italians
Chief of State: Co-Chief of State
Captain Regent: Antonella Mudasoni
Captain Regent: Denis Amici
Tourism Info
Historiography of Republic of San Marino
Neighbor to Italy
World's oldest republic
Host 2 million visitors a year
Max days to stay as tourists is 10 days without permit of residence.
Places to go La Rocca, Palazzo Plublico, and State museum.
301 A.D. founded by Saint Marinus
1600 San Marino adopts constitution
1862 San Marino and Italy conclude treaty of friendship and cooperation
1950 the first an only edition of the San Marino literary prize was held in the Republic
Several contemporary exhibitions organized during the 1950's contributed to the establishment of the Modern and contemporary art gallery
1956 the San Marino prize for figurative arts inaugurated a successful series of San Marino biennials
1967 the last biennial took place
Joined United Nations in 1992
Castello Della Cesta: museum of torture instruments.
-Museu de Stato: archeological artifacts and paintings can be found there.
Narrow streets and walkways up and down hillsides can be found all around San Marino (very serene for leisurely strolls)

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