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The Super-Awesome Amazing Crusades!!!

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Katie Lehuta

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of The Super-Awesome Amazing Crusades!!!

The Super-Awesome Amazing Crusades of Medieval Europe!!! Causes of the Crusades The First Crusade The Second Crusade 1. Jews, Muslims and Christians all claimed Jerusalem and the surrounding area as Holy Land The Third Crusade The Fourth Crusade Fifth- Tenth Crusades Leaders- King Richard The Lion-Hearted of England(Crusaders)
King Philip Augustus of France(Crusaders)
Frederick Barbarossa of Germany(Crusaders)
Saladin (Muslims) 2. Seljuk Turks take over Jerusalem in 1071 3. European feudal princes used success in warfare to gain power 4. European merchants tried to gain access to rich trade routes 5. Seljuk forces attacked the Byzantine Empire Major battle- Battle of Arsuf- Crusaders won Outcome- Muslims won, but Christians can make pilgrimages to holy land Leaders

-Count Raymond of Toulouse
-Godfrey of Bouillon
-Robert Curthouse

-Kilij Arslan
-Sultan Soliman Effect- Constantinople was weakened by the attacks from the Crusaders and the empire later fell. Outcome
Christian Crusaders took Palestine and divided it into four Crusader states Leaders- Doge Enrico Dandolo (Crusaders)
Boniface of Montferrat (Crusaders) Leaders of the second crusade were King Louis VII of France and Conrad III of Germany. The main Muslim leader was Zengi. Crusaders got defeated at Damascus which brought the second crusade to an end. A major battle of this crusade was the Siege of Damascus. This was the Muslim victory that ended this crusade. Major battle- Attacking Constantinople Siege of Nicaea

Godfrey of Bouillon and the Crusaders attacked Nicaea. Sultan Soliman tried to retrieve it and Nicaea surrendered to the Crusaders June 2oth. The Crusaders never made it down to the holy land. 5th Crusade- Led by Andrew II of Hungary , Leopold VI of Austria and Frederick II The crusaders were forced back with lack of supplies and they were also attacked unexpectedly by Sultan Al-Kamil. 6th crusade- Led by Frederick II- to try and regain himself after the last crusade. After a disagreement with John of Ibelin, he was forced to leave Egypt (his first stop on the Crusade). He left and began to go to the holy land, but stopped when he realized that his army was way too small to win back the holy land. 7th Crusade- Led by Louis IX. He raised money to go on the crusade. He attacked Damietta in Egypt and then Cairo. He was taken prisoner. After out of prison he had no more money left and went back. 8th Crusade- Led by Louis IX of France. He went straight to Tunis, but when a disease hit the camp, he died ending the 8th crusade. 9th crusade- Led by Prince Edward. The crusade ended when Prince Edward learned of his father's death, and headed straight home to be crowned king. Louis IX Prince Edward Siege of Damascus 10th Crusade- The United States and England are currently fighting in the 10th Crusade being held in the Middle East. Ronald Reagan initiated the Crusade in 1983. He is considered the West-Christian leader. Overall Effects of All Crusades
Increased Trade
Growth of Towns
Christian Hostility
Muslim Religious Tolerance
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