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Treaty of Versailles -> WW2?

No description

Dylan Wakeland

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Treaty of Versailles -> WW2?

How did the Treaty of Versailles lead to WWII?
Document A
Document B
Document D
Document C
German loses Danzig, Alsace Lorraine, and the polish corridor.
By cutting off the gateway between Prussia and Germany, tensions heightened. The coal Germany received was 40% lower prior to the treaty. Hitler then began to inspire the German nation with with his sense of pride and honor.

Germany was forced to reduce their military size to 100,000 troops inside the country.
By forcing the German military to be so small caused the German nation to feel insecure or unprotected.
Germany was forced to pay 132 billion marks as of 1921. They also had to pay for all of the civilian damage caused to all of the enemies of germany.
Having to pay this much money caused all of Germany to feel outraged because in their minds, they were not wrong in fighting in the war
Germans were forced to sign the treaty saying that everything was their fault and they took all the blame
By forcing Germany to sign a document that they didn't agree with caused everyone to grow a hatred for the countries forcing them.
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