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The little Anas..

No description


on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of The little Anas..

he who forgot to grow !
2012-2014.. My studies at Ecole Hassania des Travaux Publics, Casablanca !
My studies at Khouribga, or the Family's pride!
Grown with a deep-held harm in chest and been the youngest member of the whole family, I've learned that nothing's worth more than the pride of my family..!
The pride of my family, the pride of my family.. it sounds loud in my ears!
The little Anas..

A childhood that I left..
the childhood that I loved <3 !
A reserved boy, a lonely boy, a deeply thoughtful..
My two brothers left for France at my 8, now at my 22 that deprived brotherhood feeling is still breathing in me, inveterate!

Well, let's present my hometown : KHOURIBGA!
Birth : June 6th, Khouribga
Age : 22 y.o
Nationality : Moroccan
Civil engineering student at ENPC
Leisure : Writing, writing and.. writing!

" I'm living in Paris and enjoying
but.. I did miss my family!"

2007.. My 1st trip to France!
After 7 years of deprived brotherhood, It was high time I went to France, the 'France' that's stolen my sweeties..
I discovered it and actually.. that was overwhelming!
Regardless I knew I'll come back there ..
And then the Moroccan sun sets.. !
When we became Hulks !
Let's 'camel' !
The Moroccan style !
Khouribga is a small city in the center of Morocco, small but smells quiet !
This is how it looks like !
Do not forget : Khouribga is the phosphate capital of the world !
They call us 'countrymen'.. well, see !)
(sorry for the bad words.. !)
Winouu.. How kind I was :d !
At the AquaBoulevard,
a unique place!
A picture please with my sungtlasses :d !
No comment!
With my lovely parents!
Big hugs.. <3 !
Cause my happiness is in theirs.. !
Sorry, but this is the real Aîd.. at howe sweet home !
With Maîssa, my niece <3 !
Living far from home, that was my first time, and for sure we never forget the first times!
It was a great, an eventful experience where I did not only make new friends, but set up many social and cultural projects.. my dreams became bigger, as higher as the sky..
At the Great Debaters-MOROCCO Championship !
Tends to debate !
With Bziz, the most known 'black humorist' in Morocco, still censored since 1980's !
(With children from Taliouine, the saffron capital of the world, in the south of Morocco, during a humanitarian caravan..)

Is there greater than making children smile ? ..
With Paolo Younse, the Mars robots developer at Nasa !
A trip with classmates..
Old.. but gold friends !
A real life at the dormitory..
ASSILAH, August 2014, North of Morocco.. An unforgettable summer!
When old friends meet, expect craziness !
That was alike !
Waiting for the next time..
Meanwhile, it's smelling the French life !

..Cause after perseverance comes honors and distinctions !
<3 !
My First article published in the Moroccan newspaper 'AL MASSAE' !
It's frrrezing here, where are you sun ?! :(
Now I'm in France.. Just wish me good luck, who knows if after two other years there will be a new story!
Meanwhile, I still receive post cards and letters from my old friends. Miss me ? Write to me !
After all, I realize that I'm still bringing with me the little Anas, that innocent, that emotional, that dreamer boy ! Bringing him forever.. #RDE09
#Dream_Bigger !
2014-.. France!
Student at Ponts ParisTech !
"Have a candle.. and dream !"
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