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My green dream house

Presentation of an ecological House that we would like to live in

lea prevost

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of My green dream house

Green dream houses are placed all over the world. But for reaching the goal of living green and saving energy you should chose a sunny place near the water for living. Our house is placed at Malibu Beach. My green dream House My green dream house is an ecological solution which makes life for human and environment easier Next to our house there is a waterwheel for making electricity A presentation by Lea Prévost,Rosemarie Huard and Laura Detels We will present you an opportunity to be greener by living in a nice house Landscape Elements in the Background In our garden you can find lots of fruits and vegetables which we will grow. Home Design The green houses are as green as possible. For example: Solar collector For not using "bad" energy, we use solar and renewable energy To let the light come in and warm up the house. A lot of large windows Green living decorations major component Impressive Terrace with a nice view infinity pool A long turquoise pool that looks like it continues into the ocean. interior design recycled Wood Flooring we decide to put a big tree in the center of our living room to avoid cutting it when we build our house. Furthermore is it a very nice decoration bamboo style green choice a peaceful place where you can relax by the pool with a view of the ocean different materials plans The floor of our house is made of recycled wood.It creates a great design and it's also helping the environment because of the recycling. Our cupboards are make of bamboo wood for the design of our kitchen. our home has a modern,zen style. Basement stage in the middle second stage
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