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Illuminated Letters

Year 7 - Introduction Lesson to Illuminated Letters

Jennifer Coleman-Richardson

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Illuminated Letters

Illuminated Letters
What are illuminated letters?
Who made them and how were they made?
When were they made?
Have you ever seen these before?
These are Illuminated Letters...
An illuminated letter is an added bit of
decoration that enhances a piece of writing.
The term 'illumination' means: to light up.
- this was originally achieved by using Gold Leaf!
Animal, plants and objects were used to create
patterns around the letter
So what are they?
When were they made?
Illuminations have been found on ancient
Egyptian manuscripts dating back to 1310 B.C
As written languages developed Illuminated Letters became more and more beautiful and soon became a highly respected art form
How Are They Created?
...there are 3 stages to creating an illuminated letter:
No. 1
The parchmenter prepared the drawing surface
No. 2
The Scribe copied the information
onto each page
No. 3
The illuminator accurately created the Illuminated letters on each page.
Words - Art
They can take a huge amount of skill, time and effort to make!
Why Are They Important?
Illuminations defined a time in history when the ability to read was sacred and reserved for religious leaders or those born of royal blood.
Because of the amount of skill involved to create Illuminated Letters many important people recognised these as beautiful pieces of art - this was a good time to be an Artist!
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