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The Banjo

By: Rebekah Thomas

Rebekah Thomas

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of The Banjo

THe banjo's voyage to America
Brought to the United States on slave ships
The instrument was spread mainy through traveling Afircan Americans performing
Soldiers of the Civil War would see African AMericans performing and take it back home

THe banjo's role in Appalachian music
The banjo had a huge impact on music, especially in the south
Commonly refered to as old-time string music
most prominent style of music in the Appalachian region
The Banjo's Beginnings, an acsessoirized fruit in West Africa

creativley made out of a calabash, a gourd like fruit
the calabash would be gutted then dried
finally animanl hide would be stretched of the friut to give the desrided sound, orignally called the "bania"

Pete Seeger plays a fundamental role in the popularity of the banjo
Seeger's book entitled, "How to play the Five String Banjo" and play along album is said to have spearked the "banjo boolm" in the late 1940's inspiring many to pick up the banjo
Seeger had such great influence because he was a talented, honest musican and he provided just what America needed after World War II was over

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