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No description

valentina scaff

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of "Samphire"

Analysis of the husband's character
invented his own pet name (Lacey)
"Lacey was her lord and master, wasn't he? Love, honor and obey?"
Insecure with himself: oppressive with Molly
- "I
it was samphire at once, didn't I (...)"
Author: trying to put him as the villain and pathetic one of the story ("unmasculine voice"; forces her to lean over the clift)
Oppression: he refers to her as "she" treating as an inferior being
Childish attitude
Analysis of Molly's character
Round character (changes throughout the story)
Describes as mysterious
Something is in her mind
Has a weird attitude: fear of heights
Has a degree of depression
Character's Analysis
Samphire by Patrick O'Brian

Analysis of the relationship

High cliff and wind storm: represents challenge and obstacle in the relationship
The cliff is too high, there are no chances of surviving if you fall down from it
Metaphor of him falling off the cliff: not only he falls physically but also emotionally (break down)
All his stability that Molly represents crumbles as he falls
Patrick O'Brian
Based on domination and intimidation
Controlled by "Lacey" till the climax of the story
"Love, honor and obey?"
Change of roles through out the end: Molly takes the lead on the relationship
- "She turned and began to walk down the path.
followed her at once"
Author gives us her name, and not his causing sympathy and emotional connection with her
Written in the omniscient point of view
Insecurity that leads to abuse
Environment Influence
By: four fetch
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