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Writing Toolbox Week 4 Lesson 1

No description

Tess van Leeuwen

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Writing Toolbox Week 4 Lesson 1

Writing Toolbox Week 4 Lesson 1
TEXAS chain of argumentation
Topic Sentence - Main Point made in the paragraph

Expand - The 2nd sentence of your paragraph. How does the main point made relate to the main claim made in the essay?

eXample/ evidence - This must
the point made in the topic sentence. Referencing is required.

Analysis - Explain meaning, effect, and significance of quotation/ statistic/ example/ other evidence

Summary - Rounding of statement, linking back to the main claim of the essay. Wherever possible: link to the following paragraph
Your own essay
What is the main claim you will make in this essay?
Narrowing Down
What is
main idea/ thesis stament
First Idea/Example to support the main idea:
Second Idea/Example to support the main idea:
Third Idea/Example to support the main idea:
Go onto www.bibliotheek.hu.nl and find 2 reliable sources to back-up your main claim.

Read your sources
Make a note of your sources in an APA bibliography




Choose a topic
Narrow down your topic
Form a
main claim
Find your sources!

45 minutes
30 minutes
You can note all of these ideas down in Microsoft Words or in your essay planning hand-out!
Rest of the Lesson
Choose a creative titel
Choose a Thesis Statement: (one complete sentence that fully captures your main idea)
Write the topic sentence for each paragraph
Rewrite the Thesis Statement in different words for the conclusion
Next lesson and next week
Read Chapter 6&7 of the Study Skills Handbook
Finish a
of your Essay Plan/ Outline, print off and bring along to class
Ask feedback on your 6 Paragraphs via a Peer Feedback Form
Add me to your DPF as a Coach/Assessor BUT do not ask for a "eindbeoordeling" yet!
Fill in your DPF as stated in the Reader pp. 75-77
Finish your Essay Plan (British English) or Outline (American English) and upload to DPF
Write a first draft of your essay
Next Lesson
Next week
A handy way of keeping an essay structured
Remember: all these steps can also be found in your essay-plan hand-out!
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