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Hydroelectric energy Andre Hodges

No description

Andre Hodges

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Hydroelectric energy Andre Hodges

Beneficial Facts: - It is relatively cheap, doesn't cost as much as most other energy sources.

- It is a clean process. Does not often result in acid rain, global warming, etc. Safe for environment.

- Because it is a renewable source, it will never probably become scarce. Negative facts: - It kills some sea creatures duning the process, when they get caught in out-take pipes.

- The dams can eventually flood farmland.

- Penstocks can commonly become clogged in the process. Description Makes flowing water generate electricity in turbines.

The electricity is converted from potential to electric energy. Against HydroElectric energy... Supporting Hydroelectric energy My Opinion Honestly, I do not support it because it is too much to handle and could go wrong if speed and measures are not precise. The penstocks can often become clogged, the water flow can become too fast, and he generator must be in a perfect position for it to work properly. Also, though it is clean and safe for the environment, it is still killing innocent sea creatures in those areas when they get caut in the machine. Energy HydroElectric This type of energy is extremely complicated. The water must not flow too fast, certain heights in the water must build up, and enough water must be stored in the reservoir in order for the process to work. And it even kills the sea animals who get caught and killed in penstocks, which hurts the innocent creatures of nature. This form of energy is much better than other forms of energy because it is renewable and clean. It is safe for the environment and probably will not promote global warming, greenhouse effect, etc. It is also affordable because it is not very scarce and valueable - it is unlimited.
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