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The ALL NEW 2017 Brief(ish) History Of Videogames

A somewhat more up to date complete and mostly accurate history of computer & videogames, apart from those bits I had to cut out.

Brian Baglow

on 19 June 2017

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Transcript of The ALL NEW 2017 Brief(ish) History Of Videogames

The very very early days indeed
A complete and
utter history of
Space War
Way WAY Too
Much Spare Time
Led by...?
Caused a national
Shortage of 100 yen coins
A new game
Nobody got shot
GIRLS Liked It!
The first mainstream
games SMASH!
And lo! Arcades spread across
the many lands of earth...
But Then..
Computers got POWERFUL enough
to bring ARCADE QUALITY into your
Ignoring the Magnavox...
But then!
Over in Blighty...
The home computer REVOLUTION!
Those were for BAD BOYS!
GOOD little children got...
The BBC Micro
Then, thankfully...
THIS happened...
Games are...
No longer trapped on consoles
Always connected to the Internet
Not stuck in the same old genres
2010: 425,000 Apps
2015: 1.5M Apps
2017L 2.2M Apps
2010: 15 BILLION Downloads
2014: 52 BILLION Downloads
2015: 100 BILLION Downloads
2017: 130 BILLION Downloads
2010: $3.6 Billion in revenue
2014: $15 Billion in revenue
2015: $25 Billion in revenue
2017: $70 Billion in revenue
...since in launched in JULY 2008
(this is quite a lot...)
2010: 700,000,000 MAU
2014: 1.19,000,000,000 MAU
2015: 1.55,000,000,000 MAU
2017: 1.94,000,000,000 MAU
aka Noughts & Crosses
Or global
thermonuclear war!
Gaming In
Your Pocket!
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