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Marketing the Student Leadership Role

No description

Laura Burge

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Marketing the Student Leadership Role

Where to begin?
Why Bother?
What to include?
Not So Good Ideas
Some Good Ideas
Why Bother?
Snapshot of your education, work experience, training and other achievements

Short, sharp & sweet!
Not So Good Ideas

Provide clear details that explain your role

Highlight unique opportunities and experiences

Proof read - spelling, layout and grammar
Student Leadership

Marketing the
Where to Begin?
Some Good Ideas
The Basics of Marketing Your Role as a Student Leader
What Else?
Residential Services, La Trobe University
What you do is important!

Skill development and experience directly relevant to future career

Difficult to describe your role to an outsider

Never get a second chance to make a first impression
Omitting important details

Providing unnecessary details

Forgetting to tailor your resume for each role - who is your audience?

Using difficult to read layouts or fonts

Forgetting to update your resume regularly
Be thoughtful and intentional in the organization of your resume - chronological or by category

Positions Held
Scope and Scale of Role(s)
Team Involvement v. Leadership Responsibilities
Tasks and Duties

Collaborative Activities & Projects


Meetings/ Work Groups


Anything Unique

Qualitative & Quantitative
Putting it into Practice: Worksheet Activity
Break into portfolio and residence leadership groups

Brainstorm as a group possible answers to the questions regarding your role (and add your own individual responses)

Reconvene as a group to discuss
Take Home Activity
Over the semester break....

Translate the answers to the questions into statement examples highlighting transferable skills

Schedule a 15 minute catch-up with your portfolio REC in early Semester 2 to discuss and receive feedback

Fine tune and add to your resume!
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