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Edible Vaccines

No description

Salem Araia

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Edible Vaccines

Edible Vaccines
By: Salem Araia DEFINITION:
Edible vaccines are nothing but transgenic plant and animal based on production. Or those that contain agents that trigger an animal’s immune response.

In simple terms,
edible vaccines are plant or animal made pharmaceuticals (medications)

A transgenic organism contains a gene or genes which have been artificially inserted instead of the organism acquiring them through reproduction. Edible vaccines are currently being developed for a number of human and animal diseases, including measles, cholera, foot and mouth disease, and Hepatitis-B and C. Many of these diseases are likely to require booster vaccinations or multiple antigens to induce and maintain protective immunity What are Edible Vaccines? Plant Growth Pros & Cons of
Each Plants Potatoes: They are good because they can be stored for a long period of time without being refrigerated.

*Disadvantages: Needs to be cooked in order to eat and heat can take away proteins.

Banana: No need to cook and grow in most countries.
*Disadvantages: Takes years to and mature but spoils quickly.
Tomatoes: Grows Fast
*Disadvantages: Spoils rapidly Advantages of
Edible Vaccines -Heat Stability , stable at room temperature , no need for refrigeration.
- Reduction in production cost.
-They are cheap; therefore they can be mass-produced.
-They can be ingested by eating the plant/part of the
plant. So, the need to process and purify does not arise.
-humanitarian( saves million of lives) Other Foods Lettuce,Carrots, Rice, Wheat, Corn, Peanuts,Soybeans. Who invented Edible vaccines ? and History Lesson Plants tend to grow poorly when producing large amounts of vaccines. Interesting facts Method of Genetic Modification in
Vegetables Isolation of the selected genes that are present in the pathogens.

Testing of the vegetable plant has been using the "ELIZA" method. - Tobacco plants has been genetically modified to help hepatits B. Disease can be prevented by Edible
Vaccines Diarrhea
Hepatitis B
E- Coli Infections and much more Surfaces that provides a portal entry for pathogens. Solution: Introduce regularly elements that creates antigen genes to turn on at time or certain regions of a particular plant. For ex when a plan has fully grown. . Gas-tro-intestinal tract
. REspiratory tract Injections do no stimulate very well , Edible Vaccines comes into direct contact with muscosal lining. More research is being done to:
Determine if one vaccine can protect against multiple vaccines.
Finding out what would be a good dose or how often vaccine needs to be taken.
If vaccine can create negative response or positive response.
edible vaccines are thought to be possible & promising yet there are still some issue. Hepatits B Background ~ about 1/3 of the world has hep B virus(HBV)

~ This particular disease is spread by blood , the exchange of body fluids , or from mother to child during pregancy.

~This disease is most prominent in Asian and African countries , especially those with large populations. Issues On Hepatitis B Approximately 80% of all children around the world receive basic vaccination each year. These usually includes whooping cough , polio , measles , tetanus. But the remaining 20% are concentrated in a few poor countries , unfortunately leaving 30 million children every year without any access to immunizations Here are some videos on
whooping coughs ,
HIV , E-coli infections Video on
Whooping coughs Issues on Edible Vaccines References ~http://cosmos.ucdavis.edu/archives/2009/cluster1/GUPTA_VARSHA.pdf
~http://cosmos.ucdavis.edu/archives/2009/cluster1/GUPTA_VARSHA.pdf Overview Define Edible Vaccine and Transgenic Organism.
History Lesson
Researched on Plant Vaccines
Tomato-Malaria Vaccine & Banana- Hepatitis B Vaccine
Ethical Issue
Advantages and Disvantages First publication describing edible vaccines was published in 192.The study conducted by Mason ,Lam , and Arntzen at Texas A&M University . A tobacco plant was successfully transformed and hepatitis B antigen was expressed THANK-YOU FOR WATCHING :) Distribution of HBV in the world Video on
E-coli infections <---- Hepatitis B Virus
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