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mad about minions

No description

emma heaton

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of mad about minions

mad about minions
i have 3 design ideas
my final design
I think the best home page is number 1 because it is the most effective out of all of them and will also have a slideshow of images. The least effective design was the second design because the banner does not fit in with the colour theme but I like the menu on the 2nd design so I could use the menu on my final design to make my website even better.
My best banner design was my second design because it is simple but yet effective because it fits in with the theme. My worst design was my first one because it is hard to read and doesn't’t fit in with the theme of my website. My 3rd design was nice but simple as it is just one picture taken off Google and looks rushed.
I think that my design will succeed because it is a fun design and make the viewers intrigued. The banner is one of the features that will make my website succeed because it is simple but yet effective.
To make my design even better I will add more information and a slide show of images to my homepage. I think that my design is fit for purpose because the colour scheme isn't in your face and the font fits in nicely because it is easy to read.

My website is about the film despicable me 1 & 2 it is aimed at children from the ages of 5-16 because it is quite a childish website idea but fun at the same time.
design 2
design 3
Describe your design
I done my design like this because it is organised and looks neat and tidy.
I used this menu because it is out of the way on the home page and more information on my internal pages especially when on the 2nd internal
page because that will have the most information on, but all of my internal pages will have a lot of information but not too much as that may be overwhelming. Viewer may not want to read a lot of information as they are younger but this design gives the website the right amount of room.

Describe your design

I designed this home page like this because the viewer
will get an insight on what my website will be abut and the design of it.
I think this home page is fun and exciting, hopefully the viewer will want to see more of my website because of its fun and exciting design.
I feel this design could be a bit better because it looks rushed as there is no information on the page at all.but then again people may not want to do a lot of reading.

Describe your design
My first design is fitted in with the colours on
my banner which looks good and professional.
I chose to have my menu like this to give more room on my home page and on my internal pages with the information on.

I have chosen the images to give people a better idea of what minions are because people might not know what minions are therefore making them intrigued to view the page.

My website is a very entertaining website, this is what I want my to do, entertain
My website is all about minions from the film despicable me, not only will you be able to view the minions you will also be able to understand how to film was made.
My website is aimed at younger people, I have deigned my website specifically for young people as younger people are more likely to search for a minions website.
My website is unique because you can meet the minions. I am also going to try and put an animation on my website of a minion on the page ‘meet the minions’.
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