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Nike, The Goddess of Victory

No description

D Robinson

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Nike, The Goddess of Victory

The Goddess of Victory Nike The Greek goddess of Victory
Symbol: Palm Branch, Wreath, Hermes' Caduceus
Presided over all athletic and military contests Family Challenge/Quest She had no challenges but to win, and her quest was to crown victors. Winged, in a dress, holding a laurel wreath above the heads of winners.
Fit young woman. Nike Victoria Alata This is yet another statue of Nike/Victoria Background Information Winged Victory A statue of Nike Thank You For Watching!! The daughter of Pallas (a Titan) and Styx (an Oceanid).
She has three siblings: Zelous (the god of rivalry), Kratus (the god of strength) and Bia (the god of force). Appearance
Strength The personification of Victory Weakness Wants to win at all costs References "Nike." Factmonster.com. Columbia University Press, 2011. Web. 7 Feb. 2013.
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By Delandra Robinson Victory Her names (Nike, Victoria) mean Victory, and she is often mistaked for the popular shoe brand. There are not many stories about her, which I had to learn the hard way after spending a short time steaming about my lack of research. Nevertheless, I managed to find an ample amount of information to do a Prezi on. I can say that the founder of the Nike company was very clever in choosing that name. Nike might have not been very popular before, but she sure is now. Well, in a way. Thanks for your time and if you made it to the end of this paragraph, thanks for reading it. Just a little author's note... Influence on Society Today, there is a poplular shoe brand named after Nike.
The olympics form years 1896 to 2002 had Nike on the back of the medal.
Some people still worship her today. Powers Power to crown the winners. Human Characteristics Athletic and fit young woman.
Urge to win
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