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Brand Garden Social Media Marketing

Growing your online experience!

Shawn Swartman

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Brand Garden Social Media Marketing

Growing your Online Experience! Social Media Marketing Service Good news travels fast! At Brand Garden we work with businesses to drive sales and brand awareness with cleverly designed facebook fan pages and targeted campaigns. With over 17 million Canadians already on facebook, it has become a universal medium of communication. With this social shift, businesses are provided with a new way to reach out to new customers and generate leads. Print Marketing VS Facebook Print Facebook No measurable form of interaction with your brand Unable to accurately track the number of impressions Postal drops have ranging demographics for your campaigns Full Interaction with your brand Measure the exact number of impressions and interactions with your business Able to narrow down target demographic by Geographical location, Age, Gender, interests, and other fields Environmental Impact From Growth to Goals! The first step we take to grow your online experience is provide you with our Social Growth Evaluation. In this report we take into consideration all aspects of your current online influence. Upon completion this summary will detail the range of your current social reach and help to set measurable goals for your business.
Once we have set these milestones, we will be able to reverse engineer a strategy in order to achieve these goals and grow your brand. facebook Overhaul Stand Out! First Impressions Count Once we have determined your online goals we start by adding a fresh face to your fan page by creating an image that best represents your business. Our graphic design team will produce a cover photo and profile picture that blend seamlessly. We will also create application covers to encourage interaction with your page. Peace of Mind Content Posting We schedule 12 – 15 content posts spread out over a months schedule.

Theses posts consist of:
Interesting Automotive Articles
Eye Catching Images
Instructional and Entertaining Videos
Engaging Trivia Our scheduled content provides you with the peace of mind that your fans will view engaging posts regularly without being overwhelmed. We will create 1 incentive graphic each month for your page that will be posted with the intent of getting users to ‘like’ and 'share' it, spreading your page to your followers and their friends with an attached incentive selected by you. Become an In-House Expert We understand that most of our clients have appointed someone to manage social media work within the business.

We work with these people to provide a detailed lesson plan to amplify all posts that your social outlets share. Forecasting Fans We will prepare a list of 20 fan pages that share the same target market as your business and strategies on how to attain these fans. Lead Generating We will build an engaging contest application that will capture customer information and provide you with a list of leads on a monthly basis to follow up with.

Additional marketing material can be produced to promote these contests within your business. We can run a number of different promotions or contests to engage your followers with your brand. Call to Action Applications We provide your fan page with custom applications that engage your followers and bring more people through your doors. Test Drive Form
Facebook Service Menu
Used Car Inventory Feed the Funnel – PPC Ad Management With Pay Per Click advertising we are able to target exactly who we want and we can narrow our target audience by geographical location, age, gender and interests. This will help increase the quantity and quality of the leads we generate. *Advertising Budget is set by you. Growing Your Brand We make sure that you have a uniform brand identity across all social platforms your business uses and some that you should definitely start too! Twitter
Linked In
Pinterest How much will this cost me? Our social media marketing package has a monthly starting cost of $499.00 excluding the PPC advertising budget that we determine upon review. How do we get started? Fill out our online quote request form on our website and select "Social Media Marketing" from our interested services menu.

One of our representatives will respond to you shortly with our client agreement and start-up survey to get the ball rolling.

You will receive your first set of proofs and start up package within 3 - 5 business days once payment and agreement have been collected. Thank you for considering High cost of printing and postage
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