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Background Noisess

No description

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Background Noisess

Background Noises and Concentration
My question is
"Do background noises affect how well we concentrate?"
My hypothesis is that background noises do affect how well we concentrate.
Bibliography Medical Xpress
Dambrot, Stuart. "Study shows background noise affects test scores." Medical Xpress. November 2, 2011. Acoustical Society of America . 25 November 2013. http://www.medicalxpress.com/news/2011-11/background-noise-affects-scores.html.

Bibliography Noise and Health
Franklin, Josh. "Noise Affects our Health."Noise and Health. August 2, 2011. International Space Station (ISS) . 25 November 2013. http://www.noiseandhealth.com/noise //background-noise-noise-and-health.html.
These are the materials I will need to do my experiment.

Human being/Subject
Radio/ Music Player
Loud Noise Makers

I will need these materials to distract and have silence.
The purpose of this Science Fair project is to see if background noises affect how well we concentrate.
Procedure of Investigation
1. Get all my materials I need for my plan/method

2. Come up with my plan/method

3. Do a double check to see if all materials are with you that you will absolutely need

4. Commence my plan to have silence for 1 minute. Then for another 1 minute have chaos and noises. Now see if your subject is calm and focused or frustrated and unfocused. (Watch while your plan is commencing )

5. Collect all data and take all notes from my experiment (Double check all data)

6. Look over all my results to see what the conclusion is

7. Reveal the conclusion of all results and see my subjects reaction. Also see if your hypothesis was proven to be right or wrong. Compare and contrast all your subjects reactions to each others.

These are the materials I will need for concentration. These are all examples of concentration.
These are the materials I will need for distractions. These all are examples of distractions.
Noise Makers
Bibliography Scientific American
Rutherford, Adam. "How does background noise affect our concentration." Scientific American. January 4, 2010. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. 25 November 2013. http://www.scentificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=ask-the-brains-background-noise.
During my experiment when my subjects were in the quiet environment they were really calm, peaceful, and they were not disrupted. Then when my subjects went into the loud environment they got frustrated, unfocused, and were very distracted. Only 2 subjects stayed calm and stayed focused a little.
The conclusion of my experiment is that background noises do affect how well we concentrate. Background noises can disrupt our concentration and distract us. In silent environments we stay calm and peaceful, but in loud environments we are frustrated and unfocused. The events I observed occurred because the silence helps stay calm but loud noises can frustrate you because it's loud and to noisy. My hypothesis was proven to be correct because background noises do affect how well we concentrate.
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