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Fashion, Art, and Music of the 1970s

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Megan Snyder

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Fashion, Art, and Music of the 1970s

Fashion, Art, and Music
of the
1970's Fashion The “glam rock” and “punk styles” from this time period were an example of the rebellious style.

Anne-Lise Francois, exclaimed “in the 1970s, people wore clothes that stood out in order to fit in.” Styles were free, colorful and bold. Art Music Earth art, Land art, Environmental art, Pop art and Performance art were the main forms of art.

Earth art was a combination of the environment and small ideas on a larger scale.

A couple artists who used this method are Michael Heizer, Walter de Maria, and Robert Smithson. Huge Earth pieces challenged the rules of mass, time size and space. This decade was not unique in the sense of creating innovative music but it was unique for the bridge connection to the 1960’s and the characteristic lifestyle that was going to happen in the 1980’s.

The four major genres were Disco/club, progressive rock, punk rock/new wave, funk and soul. Some professional men were recommended to primp as much as women do. Women dressed similar to men during the day.

At night women wore crazy make up and outrageous outfits.

If they were not dressed like men, Women wore floral maxi dresses or denim bell bottoms to channel the peace-love mind set from the late 1960’s.

In addition to those styles women also wore mini skirts, disco style, wrap dresses, natural boho look, Edwardian style, high-wasted pants, punk style, leotards, and jump suits. Space Colony Art Disco was the main music style of the ‘70s. Even though this genre did not last long many songs and artists are still being danced to today.

Progressive rock is basically rock music joined with other genres like classical or opera.

Punk rock was the legacy of the ‘60s with an added upbeat and harder style.

Funk came from R&B, Jazz, and Soul music from the lat ‘60s but with more beats and psychedelic tones. It is known for its danceable beats, strange costumes, outrageous personalities and socially conscious lyrics. Pop art was sculptures made from white plaster. Performance art challenged the traditional concept of art.

Illusionism was a tool applied to pieces of art to question the viewer and cause them to stop and question their idea of reality and how they interpret it.

Once the women’s movement occurred it had a big influence on art. A couple women who were part of the movement created the Feminist Art Exhibit.
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