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How to win friends & influence people in the Digital Age!

A presentation over Dale Carnegie's Book, "How to win friends and influence people in the digital age"

Amanda Copeland

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of How to win friends & influence people in the Digital Age!

How to Win Friends &
Influence People in the Digital
Age Amanda J. Copeland ways to make
a lasting impression! How to Merit & Maintain
Others' Trust! Avoid Arguments. Never say, "You're Wrong." Admit Faults Quickly &
Emphatically Discuss what matters to them! Smile. Listen Longer. Take interests in others' interests! Carnegie's Succinct Advice Affirm the Good! Continued Advice Essentials of Engagement Don't Criticize
You cannot just criticize of how people are in general. Maybe chat with them first. No need to judge them of how they are and their looks.
Don't Condemn
Let's say you see someone from you're class in public. You barely know them but for the heck of it you condemn them. If you do not know what condemning is, it's where you judge someone in public. What Dale Carnegie is trying to say is, don't condemn someone for the fun of it. It's not cool to do so. Show people that you can be good to others.
online & in person!
The more good you show, the more friends you will have!
Winning! :D One quick way to make friends is to follow the most popular tweeter on twitter.
Even having a facebook can help you win more friends!
Do creative things and take interests in what they like; you might like them too! Let's say you have a friend named Bob.
He tells you his most biggest secret of all!
You don't listen because you really don't care.
He decides to not be your friend anymore.
Dale Carnegie says it's important to discuss things with you're friends or you'll end up losing them. One of the best things to do is to AVOID arguments!
Arguments could end up very bad!
It might end you're friendship!
So stay clear of them! Never say you're wrong!
That is a big no no if you dont want to start an argument!
In order to have friends you don't tell them their wrong.
#Notwinning Admit when you are wrong!
Don't be stubborn and say you're not wrong when reality you actually are.
Don't Complain
Let's say someone starts a rumor about you. It get's spread around and you get angry. You start complaining about it. This is not a way to win friends. Don't complain, just ignore the rumor and tell people it's not true. Getting people to smile or even laugh is nearly impossible.
Remember that funny video on YouTube, where the british boy, Harry and his little brother Charlie were playing and Charlie grabs his finger and bites it? Harry screams, "Charlie bit my finger and it really hurt!" There was a huge smile that went across Charlie's face for nearly 2 minutes.
That smile is seen alot on children. But, as they get older the smile wears away very slowly.
Dale Carnegie is trying to say, Smiling is very good for adults. They should do more smiling and less frowning!
Watch it Here! --> http://www.youtube.com/channel/HCVuSslEcqsDY Listen.
It's just plain and simple.
If a person comes up to you, and says, "I don't have anyone to talk to can i talk to you?"
The response would be yes because if people see that you listen, they will know you a good friend. Five Leave Others a Little Better! Leave others feeling a little bit better!
Leave them the feeling of being wanted as a friend!
That would mean your "Winning!" How to Merit and Maintain Others' Trust! Begin in a Friendly Way. If you want to be "Winning" then begin in a friendly way.
Don't be mean like a bully.
Be cool like Grumpy Cat. :D How To Lead Change Without Resistance or Resentment! Begin on a Positive Note! Start off with getting to know each other.
Be nice to one another.
Do things both of you want to do. Call Out Mistakes Quietly! Identify those in the group, team, family, or community who have the most influence over others and get them to model behavior you want to promote.
Make any changes possible to the resources available ore the enviorment to make the new behavior or mind-set easy to adopt. Ask Questions Instead of Giving Direct Orders Ask questions.
Dont give direct orders.
People won't respect you if you order them.
If you ask questions you will be winning!
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