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Work Ethics: The top 10

There are 10 major skills to consider as a student or as an employee. This presentation is a quick way to learn about them. Stay tuned for the link to the speaker notes.

alyssa m.

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Work Ethics: The top 10

Work Ethics: The top 10
Attitude and Critical Thinking
Attitude affects performance.
"THINK", "DO", and "FEEL".
Know how self-confidence is.
Situations shouldn't affect attitude.
Learn to work with co-workers.
Use leadership skills
Encourage coexistence.
Learn to manage conflict.
Character reflects who you are
Practice valued character traits.
Avoid questionable traits
Bad Character= Bad Reputation
Good Character = Marketable
Team Work
Understand the basics of a "team".
Know what collaboration means.
Learn how to a common goal.
Plan each member's roles.
Study & know safety practices.
Keep your work area clean.
Following directions gives advantages.
Conserve Materials
Organizational Skills
See organization as a good habit.
Increase organization in life.
Pick up time management skills.
Learn your limits
Ask for help.
Appearance and Netiquette
Physical/Web appearance reflects professionalism.
Use Templates for e-mail conversations.
Use good grammar in e-mails.
Practice effective communication.
Avoid communication barriers.
Caution with non-verbal & verbal communication
Know telephone etiquette.
There are 10 major skills to consider as a student or an employee.
These skills include:
Attendance, Character, Teamwork, Appearance, Attitude, Productivity, Organizational Skills, Communication Skills, Cooperation, and Respect.
Attendance and Punctuality:
Attendance is important.
Time = Money
Get to worK/class on time
Notify authorities about planned absences.
Make up assignments on time.
Because Character Counts.
A few good character traits include:
Loyalty, Honesty, Trustworthiness, Dependability, Reliability, Initiative, Self-discipline, and Self-responsibility
WHat's Gonna Work?
Some good ways to ensure an efficient team are:
Respecting the rights of others, being a 'team player', being cooperative, being assertive, exhibiting mannerly behavior.
More Than a Pretty FAce.
The preferred quality of your appearance varies.
It depends on your area of work.
Appearance also includes hygiene.
Manners are also components of appearance.
Accept, not just tolerate, diversity.
Don't partake in offensive conduct.
Sexual harassment is
Harassment is a matter of perception.
Pink Elephant
Managing conflict means one thing: confrontation.
Ways to manage conflict include:
Avoidance, Accommodation, Force, and Bargaining.
Online Work Ethics:
Blackout Instrumental
By Alexi Gaboriault and Alyssa Munford
In the workplace, certain skills are important. The knowledge and application of work ethics can really help you in improving your marketability and productivity.
Table Of Contents
One: attendance and punctuality
Two: Character
Three: Team Work
Four: Appearance and Netiquette
Five: Attitude and Critical Thinking
Six: Productivity
Seven: Organizational Skills
Eight: Communication
Nine: Cooperation
Ten: Respect
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