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About the Child (P.B)

No description

Ashley Berger

on 6 July 2015

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Transcript of About the Child (P.B)

About the Child (P.B)
12 years old
Diagnosed as having Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
Comes from divorced household, lives with dad every other weekend
6th Grade
Reading on at the end of a third grade level (DRA 38)
P.B’s reading comprehension is above grade level
Above grade level math computation skills
Social studies and science are also academic strengths of P.B. P.B is on grade level with comprehension of topics in both subjects
P.B's Problem Areas
Becomes frustrated quickly if he does not master a concept in a subject area quickly
Socially is only comfortable interacting with one peer at a time
Tells inappropriate jokes to classmates
Displays impulsive behavior and screams out often in class
Self Stimulates often: flapping of hands, clapping
Instructional Plan
P.B will raise his hand before speaking during class.

During class instructional time, P.B will raise his hand to be called on before speaking throughout the day. P.B will have 2 cards he can use for emergencies when he needs to speak up immediately.

Placement/Related Services
P.B is placed in an LLD classroom since 3rd Grade
Leaves for Science Replacement in a general education classroom
counseling consultative 2 times per month
small group counseling once a week
speech group (in class) once a week
one-on-one speech (pullout) three times per month.
Case Study Project- Berger
Special education teacher, school psychologist, and P.B will discuss the importance of raising your hand before speaking
a social story will be acted out in a classroom in order for P.B to begin to learn to raise his hand.
P.B will be prompted as to when he should raise his hand in the scenario, and prompting will decrease as it goes on.

a token economy will be used. Each day a certain amount of stickers will be put onto a chart depending on the amount of times P.B does not shout out
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