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No description

Richa Singh

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of NOTEPAD

NOTEPAD -- A Simple Text Editor PROJECT TITLE Smitha Sreenivasan
Komal Thombare
Richa Singh
Sneha Takle A Project By : “To make use of all the related capabilities and
tools regarding one
component of Java SE platform (here, GUI components)
to implement a useful tool.” Problem Statement NIIT CHINCHWAD
PROJECT PRESENTATION Contents : Problem Definition
Proposed System Features
Technological Components
Future Scope Introduction We propose a simulation of Notepad - a simple text editor, using JAVA GUI components which will reflect the platform independence, robustness and ease of development of JAVA SE in a simple application. Creating and Saving Documents
Editing Documents
Formatting Text
Other Features Proposed System Features Creating and Saving Documents New File
Save File
Open File
Exit Editor Editing Documents Undo and Redo
Cut, Copy, Paste
Select All
Find and Replace Formatting Text Font Style Size Other Features Word Wrap Shortcuts Date & Time Technological Components •Swing Package
•AWT Package
•Util Package
•Text Package Swing Package JDialog
JFileChooser JMenuBar,
JMenuItem JScrollBar
JScrollPane JTextArea AWT Package AWT EVENT ClipBoard Font Util Calendar Scanner Text Simple Date Format Conclusion Notepad is a common text-only editor.
The resulting files—typically saved with the .txt extension—have no format tags or styles, making the program suitable for editing system files that are to be used in a DOS environment. Notepad does not require a lock on the file it opens, so it can open files already opened by other processes, users, or computers, whereas WordPad cannot Future Scope Simple text editors like Notepad may be used to edit text with mark-up, such as HTML. However, because they lack many features (such as syntax highlighting),
web developers may favour more specialized editors for this purpose.
Also, since Notepad lacks advanced formatting functionality, many people find its simple interface faster and easier to use for basic text operations Results FileMenu Edit Menu Format Menu Help Menu THANK YOU
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