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The Building of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR).

the building of the railroad

zeel modi

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of The Building of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR).

The Building Of the CPR wHAT IS cPR(cANDIAN
rAILWAY)? If you guys join Canada, then I promise that a railway will be built in ten years. OK!! Thats a deal! 1872-The Canadian Pacific Railway
was created by Sir Hugh Allan
(who was richest person in canada) On the other Side Liberals Thats sooo expensive!! Sooo.... Papers were stolen (by the liberals) from Allans office. The Consevatives have accepeted a of $350,000 This was called The Pacific Scandal which can mean the hopes of the railway company is ruined. : ( I'm Back!!!! 1878 The National Policy keep cheaper American goods out of Canada
Encourage Canadians to buy goods made by other Canadians
Fill rich prairie lands with settlers
Have the settlers buy manufactured good made in eastern Canada
Encourage all this by building an east-west railway 1880 Railways project was on again!!! By George Stephen and Donald.A Smith. Building the Railroad! The distance was over 4000km long!!! Sanford Fleming
planned the route with his group and the "spikers" BUilding Problems geography problems in northern ontario and in the mountains. NORTH OF LAKE SUPERIOR Van Horne "two hundred" miles of engineering impossibility" Fact- over 30 labores lost there lives or were killed by explosions or falling rock. Crossing the Prairies was easy and fast for them. About 1500km of steel were laid in 15 months most Dangerous line British Columbia was the most difficult and dangerous section to build. Tresles had to be built over deep river canyons to cross the mountains. A TRESTLE is a framework used as a bridge to support the railway tracks. Navies- workers on the railway we had workers from around the world such as

Canadians Chinese Workers chinese came to canada thinking that they are going to return to china with enough money and buy a small plot of land. They got a about $25 a month. subtracting the money to buy work clothes, tools, and other necessary items and paying $4.50 a week for room and meals leaves them with... Racism some people didnt like chinese because of there appearance their clothing,language, pigtail hairstyle and skin color made them different The chinese people did the most dangerous jobs and also some lost their lives in blasting accidents and rock slides. Chinese people are very important in the CPR and have contributed a lot in Canadas Growth. Money Problems 1885- CPR had no money and Northern Ontario and British Columbial Still had sections to be done. The goverment refused to give another loan and price for laying tracks in difficult areas skyrocketed. Workers in some areas went on strike. George Stephen and Donald Smith gathered $1 million from their personal accounts. The money lasted them for 3 weeks. Macdonald talked to the parliament and proved that Railway is making Profit and The railway got one more loan from the goverment. GENERAL INFO which proved.... November 7th 1885 Important People Workers - IN 2011...THERE WAS A REMAKE OF THE LAST SPIKE!!!!! They were brought by Andrew Onderdonk from China and California. Completion of the CPR MACDONALD'S PROMISE TO THE BRITISH HAS BEEN HONURED British Columbia was linked to Canada States will not take over the whole pacific Coast settlers reach western canada alot easier farm population increased and comunities started growing moving was now faster and easier between both coasts settlers would trade within the country, instead of trading with the States.
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