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Elly van Acker

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of 6D

Science: Microorgansims
6D 2010
This term we are studying
Micro-organisms. Diseases
and illnesses are all caused
by bacteria's, fungi's and viruses.
Some bacteria's are harmless or may even help us be healthier.
Reasearch: Select a particular micro-organisms to study and present to the class. You can choose how you would like to present your project. Poster, diarama, digital presentation, the choice is yours. Be sure to include useful information and pictures in your presentation.
Ashley and Gerard ran 3.3km yesterday without stopping!
Can you help?
We are STILL looking for boxes
tape, fabric, toilet rolls, etc
We will be making puppets soon!
What's happening in Art
Uninterrupted Speech: How long can you speak
for without saying 'um'???
Rebekah 6mins
January - Stacie, Rebekah, Kitarna
February - Andre, Emma, Claire.
March- Miss van Acker,
April; Anaru, Shakira.
May- Hayden
June- Taylor
July- Katalina, Gerard, Kellie
August-Lauren, Keani
October-Raiden, Ashley, Maddy, Sarah, Caitlin
Dates to Remember
Ashley won first place in the grades 7's
cross country race!!!!
Raiden won the yr 6 boys!!
Keani, Maddy, Anaru, Hayden, Katalina
and Gerard are all off to the districts!
AUS Dance-second break Fridays
for the girls.
with Miss van Acker
Due Monday Wk 8
Miss van Acker
Use a tissue! Ask about
our sneeze test.
We have set up our petrie
dishes with agar, and have started
to experiment. The dishes will be
safely sealed, and disposed of thoughtfully. We have
swabbed belly buttons, toilet doors, spit, the canteen,
Kingfisher hall, fingerprints and more!
A fantastic and inspiring book!
Anime With Kesselle
Kes taught us all
how to draw
Japanese Animation.
Wow, she was popular!!!
w7 - class assemsbly
w8 - School sports Day
wk 8(mon)- sose assignments due.
This term we are looking at
We will be painting!!!
Please bring a paint shirt
ready for creating some
spectacular art works!
6D are working with miss Powell
on this terms SOSE topic
Natural and man-made Disasters
They will be creating a poster.
Using their i-centre time
to collect information.
We are working on Procedures finally!
Our goal is to write a well formed procedure text in only 20 minutes. We will be using the NAPLAN marking criteria to guide us.
We are also studying Cressida Cowell, the author of "How to Train a Dragon.
Miss van Acker taught her daughter in London. Thits fits in nicely with our procedure texts!
In maths we are working on
the skills we need to fast and
accurate in test conditions.
...and Miss Lovecy!
In concept maths we have been mapping!
We have been on a treasure hunt, played
Battleships, learnt to read maps and distance.
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