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Tsunami Prezi

ESL production with: Timo; Ynessa & Diego

Timo Britz

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of Tsunami Prezi

Esl Production
Tsunamis of the World
Reasons, why there are Tsunamis:
an earthquake under water, where one tectonic plate under another slides and if the pressure is too high, one flips over the other and the energy goes into the water and a Tsunami is born.
Causes of a Tsunami
Other reasons for Tsunamis:
big underwater landslide. The biggest Tsunami, which was ever detected was from a landslide and the wave was over 524 m high (1700 feet)
Date Place Deaths (estimate) Cause
1692 Port Royal, Jamaica Thousands Earthquake
1707 Japan 30.000 Earthquake
1737 Cape Rússia Unknown Waves with 64m in height caused by earthquake
1755 Lisboa, Portugal 10.000 - 60.000 Waves with 6-15m in height caused by earthquake
1835 Talcahuano, Chile Unknown Earthquake in Concepión
1868 Arica, Chile Thousands Waves with 15m in height caused by earthquakes
1883 Krakatoa, Indonésia 36.000 Volcanic eruption
1896 Honshu, Japão 27.000 Earthquake, destruiu 280km na linha costeira
1933 Sanriku, Japão 2.990 Earthquake
1946 Hilo, Hawai 150-190 Earthquake in Alaska
1958 Lituya Bay, Alasca 3 Earthquake caused by a gigantic plate of ice and rock fall from a glacier, a giant landslide formed the tsunami
1960 Chile 450 Series of Earthquakes
1976 Mindanao, Filipinas More than 5.000 Earthquake
1979 Nice, France 232 Tsunamis, with one week apart, generated by submarine landslides
1992 Nicarágua 100 Earthquake made a series of waves with 11 meters in height
1993 Japão 120 Submarine earthquake generated waver withm in height
1994 Java, Indonésia 200 Earthquakes caused a series of waver with more than 60 meters in height
1998 Papuá, Nova Guiné 2.000 Earthquake
2004 Southeast of Asia More than 220 tsd. Submarine earthquake
History of the most significant natural disastears
Other reasons for tsunami:
some meteorological conditions, like deep depressions can form a Tsunami too.
The wave which comes from the earthquake is about 30cm. If the wave comes in more flat water it grows and becomes a tsunami.
2004 Asia Tsunami
Countries that were affected
Safety points for a Tsunami
1. Call your family and friends
2. Stay calm and search for a higher ground.
3. If you are on the beach and you hear and feel an earthquake search for higher ground remaining quick and calm.
4. Keep in mind, that a large hotel might be a safe place.
5. If you see that the tide begins to roll out extremely fast, then you can assume that there could be a Tsunami
How to survive a Tsunami at the beach
How to survive a Tsunami while on a boat.
1. Don't return to the port.
2. Communicate with the port, and ask what you should do.
3. If you are in the port and you are on a
small boat, you should leave it and search for a higher ground. If you are on a bigger ship you can decide if you have the time to search for a higher ground or you stay.
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