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Proposal Graphic Project

No description

Justin Joseph

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Proposal Graphic Project

Scope, Aims and Objectives
Thank You!
Proposal Graphic Project
Who is involved?
A team of four members:
Debbie Hermes
John Doodokyan
Mika Kioussis and
Justin Joseph
Scope, aims and objectives:
This project will completely redevelop the existing Proposal Graphics and its standards.
The new Graphics will have a new set of standards in color, font, font size and shapes.
These Graphics will be stored in a common folder and it can be used by any Content Managers.
The text part on the Graphics are editable and can be converted in to other languages easily.
The size of each Graphic will be less than 75KB so that the file size will not become huge.
October 2011, started the discussion about the Project and Process, and finalized the Process by the end of December.
New Graphics requests will be raised by the Manager with a notification to the Designer by providing necessary files/documents.
The Graphic designer analyse the graphics and starts working on them as soon as he receives the request. If there is any queries regarding the graphics, designer will go back to the requester with the questions.
Following graphics are few examples for "Before" and "After" the design
Once the design is complete, the graphics will be placed in to a common folder and the Review team reviews all the graphics. If there is any changes/edits, the graphics will go back to the Designer for changes, and after making all the changes it will come back to the Review Team for review.
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