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Prince Sultan University

No description

lil HudHud

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Prince Sultan University

The Front Courtyard
The Mission of PSU
The Vision of PSU
The Reception
Mission & Vision
PSU Vision Statement:
Prince Sultan University intends to become the leading private university in the Middle East, providing a quality education equal to other universities in the world. The institution focuses its efforts on student success, life-long learning and personal responsibility for the good of humankind.
PSU Mission Statement :
Prince Sultan University aims to provide the Middle East with quality education to the highest international standards. PSU is committed to effective management of the institutional resources to optimize its multiple roles as a catalyst for new learning opportunities, national and international partnerships, continuous studies, professional growth, community service and diversity in educational horizons, for the good of humanity.

The Reception
Restaurants Area
The Front
The Nursery
The Back courtyard
The Lobby
Class Room
Physics Lab
Computer Lab
A Cafe
Interior Design / Architecture Lab
Interior Design / Architecture Studio
Letter From the Dean
Welcome to the Prince Sultan University - College for Women website. As Dean of the College for Women, I am proud of what we have to offer, and I am delighted that you are interested in learning more about us. Since its establishment in 2001, The College for Women at Prince Sultan University (PSU-CW) has exerted itself to attain a notable position among the educational institutions in Saudi Arabia.
Exercise Room
Fitness Room
The Library
Language Lab
PSU Clubs
About PSU

Prince Sultan University was originally founded in 1999 as Prince Sultan Private College, but, in 2003, the Ministry of Higher Education declared it to be a university. It was inaugurated by HRH Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud who is the Deputy Premier, Minister of Defense and Aviation, and Inspector-General. PSU is a non-profit institution established in Riyadh by Al-Riyadh Philanthropic Society for Science and licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education. PSU is the first private University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The College offers an undergraduate program with three majors namely Finance, Marketing, and Accounting. In addition to the undergraduate program, recently the college launched an MBA program as well. The duration of its undergraduate program is a minimum of four years over and above the one year study every student has to complete in the Preparatory Year Program (PYP).

Interior Design and Architecture
The Interior Design and Architecture program was developed taking into account the needs of the local community, the overgrowing need and skills of interior design and the need of professional and university educated interior designers. In addition the contents and structures of many programs in the United States, Canada and the UK are taken into account, as well as the recommendations of leading international bodies such as:
- International Association of Interior Design (IIDA).
- American Society of Interior Design (ASID).
- International Facility Management
Association (IFMA).

Since the main function of law is to strike a balance between individual interests as such, to reconcile individual and public interests so as to establish justice and equality, and to prevent the strong from overpowering the weak, law is therefore considered to be a social necessity on which the correlation between society and regulation is based. And given that the legal formulation of the balance between these interests reflects the interaction of the economic, the social, the religious, and the political factors governing society, constituted states show considerable interest in law studies. They develop institutions that specialize in producing professionals qualified to deal with legal problems and issues. The developmental growth in all walks of life that the Kingdom has been experiencing makes it necessary to create a specialized program in law studies which answers the needs of this social growth and which is consonant with it.
Computer Information Science
Computer Science (CS) is a rapidly changing field. The ideas and research results emanating from it are swiftly transformed into practice. Thus the program in computer science offers not only technical instruction on the frontier of new developments but also provides students with a broad education that covers the core areas of computer science. This ensures a foundation for continued and sustainable career growth in the computing profession for our students.
The English Department offers three distinguished educational programs: Applied Linguistics, Translation, and Computational Linguistics. The duration of each program is four years. Admission into these programs is based on successful completion of required orientation courses in the Preparatory Year Program.
The development of the English language programs are based on:
- The needs of the local community and the interdisciplinary nature of academic subjects,
- The choice of the specializations that can help students to communicate with other cultures to keep abreast with the fast pace and challenges of the information age,
- The contents and structures of many similar programs in the United States, and the UK.

We Hope you enjoined the presentation about Prince Sultan University.
For more information please visit the site of PSU http://info.psu.edu.sa/pscw/pscw/Default.aspx
Done By :
- Hadeel Al Shammari.
- Latifa BaNasser.
- Israa Mukhtar.
Mrs.Jalila Zouhair.
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