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Songs and poetry of psalms

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Cecilia Garcia

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Songs and poetry of psalms

Psalm 23
Psalm 19
Following God has great rewards and benefits.
God has created all living and non-living things
"The fear of the LORD is pure and enduring forever."
As long as you have the LORD in your heart, you will be happy and endure eternal life.
What are psalms?
Psalms are songs and poetry
The lyrics in Psalms stand for those who keep a close relationship with God, and the ones who do stay happy
Their are many emotions in the poetry of Psalms
Israelites and Psalms
The Psalms show a little bit about how the israelite saw their relationship with God
The israelite relationship with God was deeply personal.
They didnt hesitate to remind God of the promises made
Poems and prayers of Psalms cannot be categorized by theme
their are many categories in the book of Psalms

Psalm One
Who are the "wicked" in the text?
What does it mean to "survive the judgement"?
What is the meaning of this psalm?
What is the lesson?
The Psalms as Poetry
Uses alliteration, word play (puns), and the use of acrostic.
Each verse begins with a letter in the Hebrew alphabet in sequence ( Celebrates the power of Gods words)
Hebrew poetry features verses made of pairs of lines that parallel one another, echoing or extending the same thought in slightly different language
Songs and poetry
The psalms

Said to be one of the most favorite psalms
Structure of a poem
Seen as a message of hope that God will be with the departed and departed with God or as a message of consolation for the surviving family
Studying this psalm can help with understanding of poetry for all psalms
Bible designates this psalm as a " psalm of David"
For Christians, this psalm takes on a greater meaning because Jesus identified himself as the good shepherd who cares for the flock
Psalms in public worship/ private prayer
The book of Psalms plays a central role in Jewish and Christian religion
A primary purpose is to offer musical praise to God in a collective worship
"Divine Office" or "Liturgy of the Hours" is the custom of chanting certain psalms at certain times
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