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The complete, automated software for Debt Agreement administration. DebtWare takes the work out of the back-end administration process so you can concentrate on your business.

Sophie Bright

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of DebtWare

DebtWare is continuously expanding its offering and updating its processes to ensure it provides a complete, compliant and efficient platform from which to manage your business.
It takes care of everything. From documenting the first point of contact right through to the complete AUTOMATED administration of Debt Agreements.
DebtWare allows you to reduce your Debt Agreement preparation and administration time by up to 80%, allowing you more time to focus on generating new clients.
As your business expands Debtware utilises automation reducing the need to hire additional staff and ensures operational efficiency from your existing team.
DebtWare is not just dynamic software, but a complete virtual environment safely housing your most critical business applications and client data. Potentially saving you thousands of dollars on hardware and associated IT costs.
Collates all client data necessary for the Debt Agreement Proposal
Pre-populates all client data into the Debt Agreement Proposal
Electronically submits the DAP to AFSA via the new AFSA Portal*
Completely establishes the administration file upon approval and acceptance of DAPs.
*DebtWare will be one of the first companies to ensure electronic lodgement of DAPs. DebtWare will also be fully integrated with the data provided through the AFSA portal.
Automatically records all transactions on the client file, whether they be payments, dishonours or creditor distributions. Therefore, minimal accounting work required.
Electronic EFT payments and electronic Cheque printing* for all creditor dividends.
* Electronic Cheque printing must be approved by the applicable authorities and depends on the banking institution used by your business.
Flexible reporting for dishonour follow ups, creditor status reports and default reports.
Complete reconciliation with bank account transactions. Allowing bank reconciliations to be completed in minutes rather than hours.
Provides reminders and follow ups to clients and staff on payments, dishonours, dividends and default reporting.
Automatic task alerts can be set for staff to carry out processes, with the ability for staff to create their own tasks also.
Complies with all current regulations and legislation, as required by AFSA.
You can access DebtWare anywhere in the world, so long as you have an internet connection.
You can easily migrate existing Debt Agreement files into the Debtware system, so your administration remains accurate and consistent.
Debtware also directly integrates with specific accounting and CRM software packages. It significantly reduces your business’ accounting work and provides fantastic opportunities to communicate with your existing clients and creditors.
Debtware not only assists with the preparation, lodgement and administration of a DAP, but will also improve workflow efficiencies for debt management alternatives.
Debtware is modular which means that you can start with a subset of the functionality and expand as and when your business growth demands.
If you are interested in saving time, improving your processes and making more money, talk to us about how we can provide a tailored solution for your business.
Would you like more time to focus on generating new clients?
Would you like to increase your overall bottom line?
Would you be interested in significantly improving your Debt Agreement administration efficiencies?
DEBTWARE can assist.
Call 07 5343 1155
Talks to...
Capsule & Salesforce
Your Banking Institution
Your Website
Exports Data to CSV File for easy reporting
AFSA Portal
Ezi Debit
Xero Accounting

Debtware Ensures Safety
Our software and all files are housed in two separate highly secured and monitored Data centres. Both Data centres are protected by generators and large UPS systems.

Debtware also performs back-ups daily to ensure your information is protected.
Debtware is software designed by experienced RDAA's, Accountants and Actuaries. It combines a comprehensive software package with a suite of processes developed specifically for the Debt Management Industry.
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