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Arabidopsis Project

No description

Erin V

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Arabidopsis Project

Limitations and Errors:
Only sunlight day 25-27
Acid not applied set days apart
Only one pot for each type(WC, MC, WE, ME)
Different distances from light source
To improve:
Don't remove tray from shelf
Set a schedule for variable application and rotation of plants
Add more trials
Use a pipette to apply variable
Further Questions:
Why do mutants live longer but have less resistance to acid?
How long would it take the plants to die if exposed to a smaller amount of acid?
The Effect of Acid on the Growth of the

Courtney Johnson, Ana Schlechty, and Erin Villaronga
Number of plants bolted
Day 22
Day 25
Day 24
Day 26
Day 23
Day 28
Day 27
20 mL of acid with a pH of 2 was applied to the
plants twice a week
Acid does not kill plants: weakens leaves and roots, dissolves minerals in soil
AAD-L plants: smaller leaves, lighter, grows slowly, fewer flowers
Mutant plants: fewer leaves
Mutant control: longer lifespan
Experimental plants: fewer leaves at end

Day 24: all plants down except WE
Day 28: all plants up except WE
Wildtype control: highest overall average
*plants received only sunlight from days 25-27
Mutant plants: start smaller
Mutant control: longer lifespan
Experimental: smaller diameter at end
Wildtype control: highest overall average
Mutant experimental: lowest overall avg.
Wildtype plants: hill at day 22
*plants received only sunlight from days 25-27
Experimental: decrease at day 28
Control: increase at day 28
WC: dramatic decrease at day 41
WC: dramatic increase at day 34
Control: taller bolts
Experimental: no bolts at day 34
Mutant plants: same bolt date data
WC: split evenly between first two days
Wildtype: bolted sooner
WE: all bolted on the same day, but not tallest or fastest bolter
Mutants: possibly take longer to bolt
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