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No description

Vera van D

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of #aWATERness

Water wasting:
Running the tap while brushing teeth
Flushing the toilet without pressing the stop button
Buying plastic bottles of water over and over again
Endless showers
Water saving
Use only what you need!
Create awareness
through social media
Good for GE because:
It allows for interaction with people
fits in with Corporate Responsibility
option to include GE's own processes to be on the wall of fame
generates publicity / brand awareness
Possible outlets:
These three are most important in terms of (audio)visual content and use of hashtags

To lesser extent:
1. Wall of fame:
pictures, tweets & posts of people doing well
2. Wall of shame
videos, updates & photos of people spilling water
By: Vera van Duuren, Charlotte Hartley-Wilson & Juliette Lutje Schipholt
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