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Comparing and Contrasting Plantation Owners and Slaves Life

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Gene Monahan

on 29 November 2016

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Transcript of Comparing and Contrasting Plantation Owners and Slaves Life

Comparing and Contrasting Plantation Owners and Slaves Life
In the Time of Slaves and Plantations
The Plantations Owners Food
One of the main differences from the plantation owners and the plantation workers was the food . The plantation owners had many types of food they could chose from. For their main course they had "many different kinds of salted beefs and meat such as fish, lamb, and goose. For dessert they had chocolate and cake." the food wasn't scarce and there was plenty of food.
The Slaves food
The plantation workers also called slaves worked on the plantation owners land for little or no pay. The often had Sundays off and had time to work on their provision grounds. Provision grounds were the land that the owners gave the slave and the slaves used the land to grow their own food such as sweet potatoes, yams, and plantains. They also traded their food for livestock at the market to get their meat.
Plantation Owners Clothes
The plantation owners had good food but also had very good clothes. They had Good quality moleskin clothes. These clothes kept them nice and warm during the winter. They also had many types of clothes for various types of weather such as thick heavy clothes for winter and light comfortable clothes for summer.
The Slaves Clothes
The slaves that worked on the plantations were hard workers but they got very little things from their owners in return. The clothes that they got were very crude and worn out. They got rags in return for their hard work. They got one set of clothes per year. Even worse they barely covered there body's making them very cold for winter.
Thank you to Google images for supplying the pictures.
In the time of slaves and plantations the lives of the workers on the farm (slaves) and plantations the lives of the owners of the farms were very different than the slaves life.
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