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Paul Newman and A.E. Hotchner

Kelly Flynn

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of IN PURSUIT of the COMMON GOOD

Paul Newman & A.E. Hotchner
First things First.... Paul Newman

Newman was an actor, film director, entrepreneur, auto racer, and humanitarian.
He won an Academy Award in 1986 (and was nominated 8 other times)
3 Golden Globe Awards and Emmy along with many other awards. A.E. Hotchner (1920-)
American editor, novelist, play write, & biographer.
Most famous for his biography “Papa Hemingway” who Hotchner wrote about his
personal friend THE Ernest Hemingway.
His close friendship with Newman forged their business start-up “Newman's Own” and
later their camp “The Hole in The Wall Gang.” Words of Wisdom from the Authors...

"We flourished like weeds in a wishbone garden"
PL & A.E. Hotchner describing the unbeleivable
success of their "salad dressing" start-up.
"You can get straight A's in marketing
and still flunk ordinary life." - PL "There are three rules for running a business; fortunatly, we don't know any of them." A.E. Hotchner "I never thought I'd get into science, but being able to turn salad dressing into a schol bus-that's the kind of chemistry that tickles the fancy." - PL Can Salad Dressing really
Save the World?
Founded by Paul Newman over two decades ago with the idea that no child should have to compromise their childhood because of a serious illness, the Association today oversees eleven full member camps in eight countries, seven new camps in various stages of development, and five Global Partnership Initiatives in Africa and Asia. In the Begining...
Paul Newman was famous
amongst his friends and family
for his homemade salad dressing which
contained all-natural ingredients. Olive oil, vinagar, mustard
and some secret spices. After numerous requests from everyone
who tasted the dressing, Newman and BFF
Hotch decided to join forces. They took out
insurance and began looking for a bottler. After battling with bottlers
and their producer "Ken's" over the viablitity of
an "all-natural" product and the obstacle of
shelf-life, Newman's consulted their chemist.
After some trail-and-error, Newman's Own became
the first dressing to add "fresh" to their label. One thing led to another.... Next thing Newman and Hotchner knew...
they had a wildy sucessful company. This led
them to expand into salsa, marinara sause, popcorn, cookies, and my personal favorite
"Fig Newmans."
This success came as a result of creative marketing and a passion for all natural food options.
Following Newman's death in 2008, Newman's Own was
approaching the $250 million mark in charitable giving.

One Step futher than
Social Responsibility Newman’s Own Inc. distributes all profits after taxes to Newman’s Own Foundation which continues Paul Newman’s commitment to donate all such profits to a broad spectrum of organizations dedicated to educational and charitable purposes. Newman’s Own Foundation also donates to charity all net royalties from the sales of products distributed using the Newman’s Own brand. Kelly Flynn
HIS-415 4-23-2010
Paul Newman & A.E. Hotchner started Newman's Own attempting to create an "all-natural" salad dressing alternative for his friends and family. Instead, he created a run-away success that allowed him to
give back to charities that touched his life.
Newman's Own is a great example of a successful
non-profit that employee's and consumers
can feel good about supporting. What Can the World of Business Learn from Newman's Own?
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