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Customer Behaviour with Social and Mobile

presentation eTourism HNEE

Claire W.

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Customer Behaviour with Social and Mobile

Customer Behaviour with Social and Mobile
1. Introduction
2. Theory
3. Group work
4. Examples
5. Discussion
6. Sources
1. Introduction
2. Theory

1. Kaplan, Haenlein (2009): Users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of Social Media - a short overview

2. Recording and Understanding Mobile People and Mobile Technology - How to measure peoples behavior?
- Social Media is a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of UGC
- can be seen as an evolution back to the Internets roots: a platform to facilitate information exchange between users
- two key elements: media research and social processes
3. Group work
Group 1: Imagine it is 2000 and you are planning a three month trip to Argentina (low budget/backpacking). You have a basic mobile phone with a German SIM card, your lonely planet and once a week access to the internet (internet cafe).
Group work: traveling and change in behavior
5. Examples
6. Discussion
How did the mobile technology influence your behavior?
7. Sources

1. BiztechAfrica: Global Hack for Good to connect refugees and families. 2013. http://www.biztechafrica.com/section/app-development/
2. Chalmers, M., Tennent, P.: Recording and Understanding Mobile People and Mobile Technology. Glasgow 2005. http://www.dcs.gla.ac.uk/publications/PAPERS/7995/ESS-Replayer2.pdf
3. Duffy, M.J.: Smartphones in the Arab Spring. 2012. http://www.academia.edu/1911044/Smartphones_in_the_Arab_Spring
4. Dlamini, A.: Africa's future is mobile. 2013. http://www.bizcommunity.com/Article/410/78/90531.html
5. Falk, T.: Africa has more mobile phone users than the U.S. Or E.U. 2012. http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/bulletin/africa-has-more-mobile-phone-users-than-the-us-or-eu/9053
6.Epathica: What is the Opportunity for “SoLoMo” (Social.Local.Mobile.) to Improve the Customer Experience? Toronto 2012. http://de.slideshare.net/empathica/what-is-the-opportunity-for-solomo-social-local-mobile-to-improve-the-customer-experience-empathica-whitepaper
7. Gessenhardt, J.: Mobil: Wie sich digitales Marketing auf neues Nutzerverhalten einstellen muss. 2012. http://hochschulmarketing-magazin.de/vom-desktop-zur-mobilen-app-wie-sich-digitales-marketing-auf-neues-nutzerverhalten-einstellen-muss/
8. Haenlein, M., Kaplan, A.M.: Users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of Social Media. In: Business Horizons, Vol 53 (1), p.59-68. 2010.
9. Halliday, J.: Hillary Clinton adviser compares internet to Che Guevara. 2011. http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2011/jun/22/hillary-clinton-adviser-alec-ross
10. Huang, G.T.: TripAdvisor, Independent for a Year, Pushing Hard on Social, Mobile Apps. 2013. http://www.xconomy.com/boston/2013/01/15/tripadvisor-independent-for-a-year-pushing-hard-on-social-mobile-travel-apps
11. Initiative D21: Mobile Internetnutzung. 2013. http://www.initiatived21.de/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/studie_mobilesinternet_d21_huawei_2013.pdf
12. Kim, R.: TripAdvisor sees opportunities in going deep on mobile. 2012. http://gigaom.com/2012/09/20/tripadvisor-sees-opportunities-in-going-deep-on-mobile
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15. Lunden, I.: Travel Site TripAdvisor Buys Tiny Post To Fill Out Its Mobile And Social Ambitions. 2013. http://techcrunch.com/2013/03/22/travel-site-tripadvisor-buys-tinypost-to-fill-out-its-mobile-and-social-ambitions
16. Ogunlesi, T., Busari, S.: Seven ways mobile phones have changed lives in Africa. http://edition.cnn.com/2012/09/13/world/africa/mobile-phones-change-africa
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18. the e-tailing group: The Connected Consumer 2012: Evolving Behavior Patterns. 2013. http://www.oracle.com/us/industries/retail/research-connected-consumer-1736894.pdf
19. The Nielsen Company: The Mobile Media Report. 2011. http://de.slideshare.net/tessierv/nielsen-the-state-of-mobile-q3-2011
20. The Nielsen Company: The Mobile Consumer. 2013. http://www.nielsen.com/content/dam/corporate/us/en/reports-downloads/2013%20Reports/Mobile-Consumer-Report-2013.pdf
21.Urban, G.: Why Is Consumer Power Growing And How Should Companies Respond?. Cambridge k.A. http://mitsloan.mit.edu/50th/pdf/consumer.pdf
Thank you for your attention
Tatjana Spähn
Clara Wiegand
Marie Wolff

MA Sustainable Tourism Management
Module: eTourism SS2013
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. C. Brözel

- study from 2006, University of Glasgow
- attempt to measure peoples behavior with mobile devices and social applications
- developed a new system "Replayer" to combine video observation and system logs
- mobile multiplayer game called Treasure
- examination of evolvement of runners' strategies as their experience in the game increased
- identification of the possible motives of players for moving around erratically, starting & stopping, suddenly changing direction
- information was collected faster
quantitative and qualitative materials combined in an well-balanced way

3. Customer behavior - facts and figures

> "The Mobile Consumer" - worldwide study by NIELSEN, 2012
> "Mobile Internet Usage" - Germany-wide study by INITIATIVE D21, 2013
> Customer power
Group 2: Imagine it is 2013 and you are planning a three month trip to Argentina (low budget/backpacking). You've got your smartphone and notebook and therefore access to the internet (wifi), email, Facebook, Twitter, travel-blogs, TripAdvisor app etc.
traveling and change in behavior
Flashpacking: A Discussion of Independent Travel in a Digital World by Cody Morris Paris, Middlesex University Dubai, United Arab Emirates

- flashpacking phenomenon - an increasingly important sub-segment of backpacking (Jarvis & Peel, 2010)
- flashpacker as a key constituent of contemporary society`emerging form the economic, demographic, technological, and social changes in the world (Hannam & Diekmann, 2010)
- relationship between technology and society needs to adapt in order to address the complexities of liquid modernity
- technological innovations have transformed the daily lives of
individuals and communities worldwide
- today: backpackers are very active users of communication technologies, particularly social media, information and communication technologies
traveling and change in behavior
- Individuals maintain connections with home, collect information, book travel, upload photos, blogs, Twitter, FB, download travel guides while traveling
- experiences are more liquid; tourist experiences can flow through
virtual networks - accessible even during everyday life without
physical movement
- state of co-presence between the backpacker culture and their home culture
- backpacker ideals of independence, freedom, physical travel are all enhanced and impaired by the virtual mobility of backpacker
information, identities and culture
- understanding how technology has affected backpacking experience could provide a snapshot into how technological innovations are impacting one aspect of life: travel and tourism
- new mobilities paradigm
- hybridity between physical spaces and cyberspace
- the virtual mobility of personal networks allows people to connect to their networks anywhere at anytime, especially with advances in personal wireless technologies
- global nomads, backpackers have increasingly used e-mail and social networking sites to stay in contact with fellow backpackers met during their trip
- backpackers are carrying laptops, smart phones and wireless access in hostels and guesthouses, cafés, restaurants and bars
- online communities, source of information
traveling and change in behavior
Hybridization of backpacker space
Social Interactions
Virtual backpacker experience
How mobiles changed Africa
disaster management
fig. 1: cell phone towers disguised as trees
source: http://www.fastcoexist.com/1681923/12-beautiful-photos-of-ridiculous-cell-phone-towers-disguised-as-trees#-5
fig. X: Die wandelbare Zukunft des Handys
- mobile device ownership has reached critical mass around the world

- South Korea leads in overall mobile ownership (99 percent) while India takes last place (81 percent)
How many of us use a mobile phone?
What kind of devices do we use?
What do we do with our smartphones?
Which apps do we use?
- Chinese and American smartphone owners are the heaviest app users overall

- games being the most used type of app in more than half of the selected countries (China, Australia, Italy and Brazil)
Advantages of mobile internet 2013
Application possibilities 2013
Devices owned 2012 & 2013
Power Balance Shift
TripAdvisor - facts
- world's largest travel website
- more than 60 million monthly visitors on desktop side and about 27 million visitors on mobile
- about 47 million registered members, over 100 million reviews and opinions

- site operates in 30 countries worldwide, in 21 languages
-evolving integration with Facebook

>provide members with easier and more useful ways to add content and interact with each other
>help user of the social network express the facets of personality that travel represents

- Cities I've Visited
- Friend of a Friend
1. TripAdvisor app
> duplicating desktop site
2. City Guide apps
> focus on unique tools not possible anywhere but on a mobile device
- City Guide app has been downloaded a couple of million times, high engagement > 50 page views per unique per session
City Guide Barcelona
winner of the VIR Sprungbrett competition 2013
-more options
-more information
-simpler transactions

-push-based marketing > trust-based marketing
City Guide Apps
City Guide New York
City Guide Navigation
Customer Power
China and India > consumers are at opposite ends of the mobile ownership spectrum:

- two-thirds of Chinese mobile subscribers own a smartphone

- only 10 percent in India where feature
phones are the overwhelming majority (80 percent penetration)
The mobile consumer-a global snapshot by NIELSEN, 2012
Mobile Internet Usage - Study by

Influence on Internet Usage 2013 & 2012
Sustainability and fair trade in the mobile industry?

Fair Phone:"You can change the way products are made, starting with a single Phone. Together, we’re opening up the Supply Chain, and redefining the Economy – one step at a time."
How do you organize your day?
How do you select your accommodation?
How do you connect with other travelers?
Think about: usability & social interactions!
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