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On the road to 2012...

An update on the Canadian Co-operative Association's plans for the International Year of Co-operatives

Nicole Allison

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of On the road to 2012...

2012 On the road to 2012... Overview International update & priorities Canadian Priorities CCA's Plans Our Collaborations Get Involved What are you planning? International Update Co-operative enterprises build a better world December 18, 2009 The General Assembly declares 2012 the International Year of Co-operatives The year recognizes the contribution made by co-operatives to the economic and social well being of societies. PRIORITIES 1) Increase public awareness of co-operatives. 2) Promote formation and growth of co-operatives. 3) Encourage governments to establish policies, laws and regulations conducive to the ,
and of co-operatives. formation growth stability To learn more about the UN's plans for the International Year of Co-operatives visit: http://social.un.org/coopsyear International Co-operative Alliance GOAL: Raise public awareness and visibility of co-operatives. The ICA is collaborating with the United Nations on the development of the official IYC logo and theme. IYC theme: Co-operative enterprises build a better world. Logo: Still to be announced! CANADA AND 2012 Canadian Priorities 1) Raise the awareness and profile of co-operatives. OUR GOAL: 2) Build the co-operative movement and its capacity. 3) Build co-operative legacies that will last long after the end of the IYC. Desired Outcomes Planned
Activities COMMUNICATIONS GOVERNMENT RELATIONS EVENTS YOUTH & EDUCATION To best focus our 2012 efforts, CCA will concentrate on the following: Collaborations CCA & CCCM CCA & The Rural and Co-operatives Secretariat Government Affairs Congress 2012 Communications canada2012.coop 2012 National Committee Inter-departmental collaboration National co-operative policy framework Literature distribution at major events GET INVOLVED Events IYC Launch Event Co-op Week 2012 Congress 2012 in collaboration with CCCM
co-operative research meeting to be held at the same time
large event International Day of Co-operatives JULY 7, 2012 Communications Canada 2012 website (CCA specific section)
2012 Matters (newsletter)
Social media
Co-operative publication
Media relations
Survey of Canadian attitudes towards co-operatives Government Relations lobby days 2011/2012
educational events at Parliament Hill
assistance to provincial associations to lobby provincial governments
visits to MPs from co-op and credit union members GOAL: Resolutions passed by all levels of government that support co-operatives. YOUTH 2012 Youth Action Plan Led by National Youth Caucus A N D Get everyone you know excited about the International Year of Co-operatives What are your plans for 2012? http://www.ica.coop/activities/iyc/ Les coopératives, des entreprises pour un monde meilleur. October 14-20, 2012 January 2012 June 2012 To ensure that co-ops and credit unions across Canada are aware of the IYC and make it fostering pride among co-operative members and employees. THEIR OWN International Year of Co-operatives Meeting Objectives national co-op sector committee On January 1, 2013: What will be different for co-ops and credit unions? In your community Ways to get involved: In your co-op or credit union As a co-operator To contact CCA about 2012 initiatives: Tanya Gracie
+1(613)238-6711x243 Share your ideas
Continue this conversation at: http://youriycideas.wordpress.com/ Genrate excitement Get thinking about the possibilities In community
In co-operative
As an individual co-operator YOUR YOUR Make connections throughout the country • IYC is YOUR year—this is a opportunity to be proud of YOUR co-op or credit union
• We need to leverage our size, diversity and impact!
• Raise awareness: global networks link co-operators in Canada and around the world
• Co-operatives play a key role in strengthening
communities, and reducing poverty in developing countries
• Increase knowledge and understanding of co-operatives among politicians and government officials
• Generate coverage of the IYC in the media • Join or start a local IYC committee
• Engage local media and elected officials
• Connect with your provincial association
• Think about legacy projects: new partnerships, new events • Use 2012 as a new promotional angle, and consider promoting via: banners,
sales receipts, product packaging, websites, etc.
• Make 2012 IYC the theme of your organizational events, and AGM
• Raise awareness with staff and members
• Think about legacy projects: new product or service Choose co-ops! Use co-op and credit union products and services in your community In 2012, CDF and the CCA International Development Program will achieve
greater awareness among Canadians of how co-ops are reducing poverty
increased financial support for CCA’s ID work
stronger co-ops in less-developed countries
International Development
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