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Hl 3 Ethical Issues in Helping

No description

Richard Wong

on 9 July 2016

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Transcript of Hl 3 Ethical Issues in Helping

Ethical dilemmas can be aptly described by two Chinese symbols representing crisis: danger and opportunity. Ethical dilemmas can be dangerous in that the welfare of the client may be compromised, but they also present an opportunity for helpers to reflect on what they have learned and what they value and then to act in a manner consistent with professional and (one hopes) personal values. Ethical dilemma provide a unique challenge for helpers to confront and resolve important questions and to ensure, to the best of their abilities, that their clients’ needs are being served. Concluding Comments Ethics are principles and standards that ensure that professionals provide quality services and are respectful of the rights of the people with whom they work. An Overview of Ethics 3 Ethical Issues
in Helping Helpers can follow the A-B-C-D-E strategy for ethical decision making when they are confronted with an ethical dilemma. Benefit Assessment Working Through an Ethical
Dilemma An Overview of Ethics Most helping professions have developed ethical codes that are intended to protect both the practitioners and the clients. Principles are not providing “the right answer”, they are providing the guidelines to helpers for behaving in a responsible manner and resolving ethical dilemmas. Consequences and Consultation Education Duty Working Through an Ethical
Dilemma Ethical Standards Relevant
for Beginning Helpers Act In A Virtuous Manner Take Care Of Yourself To Ensure
That You Can Care For Others Being a Culturally Competent Helper Ethical Behavior Related To Culture Be Aware Of Your Values Developing Appropriate Boundaries Avoid Harmful Dual Relationships Ethical Standards Relevant
for Beginning Helpers Focusing On The Needs Of The Client Educating Clients About The Helping Process Recognizing Limits Confidentiality Ethical Standards Relevant
for Beginning Helpers An Overview of Ethics Veracity Fidelity Justice Nonmaleficence Beneficence Autonomy What Does Being Ethical Mean? Ethical Codes of Conduct General Ethical Principles what do the 'RIGHTS mean ? As a helper, can you really see the 'dilemmas'?
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