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Copy of My Desktop template

Thank You for your SUPER MOTIVATING support - in response I created another template you can use, its a PARLA-like story board. .Enjoy.

Maggie Nunley

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of My Desktop template

June 2013
A License
to Roam
An Outreach Presentation
By Maggie Nunley
For Hollins University
A Positive Library Experience
The Goal: to have all students use the library and all the resources offered

Having a positive experience with the library/librarian is key to ensuring use of the library

How does use of the library help students?

And how many are we currently reaching?

How do you get students to come into the library?
Walking into an unfamiliar building
Going up to a stranger
Admitting ignorance
Asking for help
Time for Questions
Coffee Klatch
Sidewalk Instruction
Reference on the Quad

Outreach beyond the Library

Go where you're needed and where you can be seen

If you build it....
They're probably not going to just show up.
Average Usage of an Academic Library
If they won't come...
(And kidnapping is a felony)
Remove the anxiety of going to the library
Meet students in a familiar environment to provide impromptu reference, instruction, and a general meet and greet
Provide a positive library-centric experience and give students a contact for the library
Fine Arts Building
Any Building!
In a classroom
In a hallway
Dorm Common Area
Marketing 101
Long and short term

The usual suspects: student paper, emails, flyers
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, blogs
On-site advertising

Student success and retention is linked to use of the library

The more a student uses the library, the more likely they are to continue their studies
(Haddow 240)
80% use electronic resources
70% use library workstations
30% check out library materials
(Haddow 237-238)
30% use all library resources - print, electronic, and physical

40% use electronic materials and library workstations

10% only use electronic resources


20% use nothing. We haven't reached them yet!
Some think they don't need the library or the librarians
The Program
Determining Success: Assessment
Reference statistics - equal or greater than those on the reference desk
Track library usage - monitor increases in reference statistics, library traffic, e-resource usage
Text polls - for student feedback
Paper poll - 3, 2, 1 Assessment; 3 Stars & a Wish
3 Things You Learned

2 Things You Still Don't Understand

1 Thing You'll Do Differently
List 3 things you thought were great

And 1 that you wish had been covered
Are you more likely to use the library after meeting the librarian at the Student Center?
Text your answer to 22333

With 177561 And your message!
We'd love your feedback!
Meet students for a group or one-on-one conversation

Offer reference services but also create a two-way conversation

Ask students what they think the library could do better, why they don't use the library, what confuses them about the library website, and more

Build a relationship with students and help show that the library and librarians are willing to come to them - to help and listen (and geek out over Doctor Who)
Instruction on the Fly

Don't wait for students to come into the library with questions

We know of specific areas that many students have trouble with - address those on-campus between classes

They can be general or, when presented outside certain buildings, can be subject specific
5 Tips for Better

Starting in....
3:00 minutes!
The Basics
Librarians tend to hide in the library
But to reach the students that don't already come into the library, you need to go out and draw them in

The point of this program is to offer multiple options for doing just that

Once program materials and evaluation measures are in place, a plethora of versions of this program can be rolled out as quickly as they can be marketed

If a faculty member wants a version for their subject areas/classes, it can be coordinated in as little as 24 hours
Student aren't the only ones not using the library!

Faculty are just as guilty.

In terms of liaison programs, seeing a librarian in person actually increased the faculty use of the library AND make faculty more likely to recommend their librarian liaison (Watson 148-150).
Faculty can also encourage library use.

In a study of student backgrounds and their usage of the library, researchers discovered that one of the biggest influences on students to use the library was encouragement in faculty/student interactions.

After that, encouragement from peer interactions was the strongest influence (Whitmore 537-538).
Tell us what you think!
Are you more likely to use the library after meeting the librarian at the Student Center?
Tweet the answer to @askwyndham with #LibontheMove
Three Stars and a Wish
3, 2, 1 Assessment
*Just Add
Outreach Librarian
Target Audience:

The students and faculty that don't use library resources.
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