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WWI on the Western Front

No description

Joe Hayes

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of WWI on the Western Front

World War One in 1916
By History Society
The Battle of the Somme
Suffering at the Home Front.
-Aside from all the dead and wounded, some natural resources were scarce. People had to stand in long lines to buy things.

- Conscription was brought in for the first time - this meant that the army was no longer based on volunteers, all 18-41 year olds ahd to enlist or be arrested.

- Numerous zeppelin raids kill hundreds of Londoners.

-Easter Rising against British rule in Dublin, Ireland: beginning of the path to Irish independence, almost 500 dead.

Battle of JUTLAND
+ The Battle of Jutland is considered to be the only major naval battle of World War One.

+ British lost more men but the germans lost overall

+ The battle took place
May 31, 1916 – June 1,
The British & French suffered 800,000 losses, whilst the Germans suffered 500,000.
The Battle of verdun
-The Arab Revolt began on 5 June 1916 along with Lawrence of Arabia.
- The Turkish garrison was attacked at Medina in an attempt to seize the holy city and its railway station.
-After three days the Arabs broke off their attacks, and the commander of the 12,000-strong Ottoman garrison, General Fakhri Pasha, sent Turkish troops out of the city to pursue the retreating rebels.
The Battle of Verdun was the longest battle of World War One.
The casualties and the impact the battle had on the French army was the main reason why the Battle of the Somme started.
The Battle of Verdun started on February 21st 1916 and ended on December 16th in 1916.
It was fought between Germany and France.
There were around 700,000 casualties.
It showed the stalemate of the war, as the battlefield was smaller than 10 square kilometres.
The Eastern Front
-In 1916 Romania entered the Great War with the hopes of gaining Transylvania.

-The tsar ordered an attack against the Germans in the vicinity of Lake Naroch in March 1916. Stavka Russians deployed some 350,000 and only 75,000 Germans.

-Russian army advancing capturing 13,000 prisoners

The Death of Lord Kitchener

Lord Kitchener drowns after his ship hits a mine whilst on a diplomatic mission to Russia

The Battle of the Somme was fought between July 1st and November 1st 1916,
On the first day alone, 58,000 soldiers lost their lives.
The battle was between France and England VS German empires.
Because of the Battle of Verdun, the British played a major role in the offensive of the attack.
The Battle of the Somme also saw the first use of the tank.
By mid 1916 all of the German colonies in Africa have been conquered by the allies.
This frees up more troops to fight on the Western Front and against the Ottoman Turks.

The United States
The debate in the US continues to rage over whether the USA should enter the war. However, the USA maintains its “splendid isolation”
Joe Hayes; Ben Holmes; Flora Evans; Ollie Bowers; Ben Bowers; Jenna Mair; Hannah Shanks-Boon; Pedro Bureo Villafana; Mr Capps; Ramin Azmoodeh.

and Hughes
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