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Tech Theatre Safety

The Rights and Wrongs of Tech Theatre

Clarissa Deming

on 2 November 2011

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Transcript of Tech Theatre Safety

Tech Theatre Safety
What's wrong with this picture? Select the proper tool for the job.
Don't improvise. Ask if unsure. The fingers and hands must be kept
clear of the blade at all times. Exits and access to exits must be kept
clear and unobstructed at all times. Keep the work area free of clutter. Do not over-reach. Maintain
proper footing, and balance. Don't abuse tools. Don't improvise…
or do power tool drag races in technical theatre. Keep body parts
clear of the blade's path at all times. Don't leave a mess when doing make-up. Clean up after yourself.
Don't share make-up. Do not over-reach. Use tools for their proper use, and don't put a latter on a latter. No horse play or
rough housing. Watch what you're doing.
Keep your feet on the ground.
Wear appropriate footwear. Don't stand on the top
step of any latter. Keep body parts away and
out of moving parts of machines. Occupational Safety and Health Administration
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