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Analysis of Greenpeace links BArbie Packaging and The Art of

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Deonna Wilkinson

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Analysis of Greenpeace links BArbie Packaging and The Art of

Stylistic Features 2
Text B2
Tone was misleading, funny, and smart because of the language used.
Structure of this was very organized. You had your picture of the settimg then the words to explain what it was about off to the side. I like the fact that there was no confusion as to who was saying what or what order you read the words in. One box instead of multiple and not a long dialogue between the characters.
Technique and Style - Tom Fishburne used humor to introduce another side of being "green" . The style of the text is a black and white cartoon not much detail.
Analysis of Greenpeace links Barbie Packaging and The Art of Greenwashing
Text B1
The website www.ens-newswire.com stands for Environment News service
April 22, 2011 was the date were people started doing more and supporting the environment more than ever before pushed by the 100 million act of green. Article was published 2 months later

Similarities and Differences
Similiar in Purpose because they both inform, persuade and warn.
Both talk about the environment
Both have a similiar audience (Environmentally Friendly)

When reading the first text these were a couple different Audiences I found.
Text B1
Environmentally friendly People/Other Environment Organizations
Wildlife Biologist
Facebook (whether they care or not)
Consumers of Mattel's Products
In the second text some Audiences were...
Environmentally friendly People
People who Green wash
Stylistic Features
Text B1
Tone of this first text was serious obviously because it comes from a news website. News wire basically displayed how serious Greenpeace as a organization is.
Structure included 22 short paragraphs. There was no paragraph with more than 3 sentences, and the paragraphs were not indented.
Technique and Style was pretty straight foward. I think the goal was not to have anything to distract from Greenpeace linking the barbie packaging to the rainforest lost because that's a huge accusation. It was set up how news articles normally are.

Purpose of Texts
Text B1
The Purpose of the first text was for ens news wire to inform the audience on the story of Greenpeace linking barbie packaging to Indonesian Rainforest lost. Greenpeace accused the toy company Mattel of getting their paper supply from Asia pulp and paper who had been exposed prior for clearing the rainforest in Indonesia. Greenpeace purpose was to persuade people to speak out against Mattel and join their campaign to end the destruction of the Indonesian rainforest and with news wire posting the story they were helping them do just that. The rainforest had endangered species such as the "Sumatran Tiger, Orangutan". If they could not put an end to this they would die.
Text B2
The Purpose of the second text was to inform or warn if you will about Green washing. To Green wash means to give the effect that you are doing way more things that will help the environment than you actually are . This Comic picture explains just that. A man is using a "Eco Chainsaw" fueled by wind credits to cut down trees.

Overall Effect
Text B1 and B2 were both about serious situatons of the environment but there use of stylistic features set them apart and effected the audience differently
B1 had more of a serious effect also introducing Greenhouse
B2 had a more humorous effect almost overshining it's real meaning of green washing.
Context 2
"The above figure shows Sins Committed by Category. In the first study conducted in 2007, 1,753 environmental claims were recorded on 1,018 products. The resulting false or misleading claims were studied for patterns, now called the “Six Sins of Green washing”. Of the 1,018 products that made environmental claims, all but one committed at least one of the Six Sins". (sinsofgreenwashing.org)
In 2007 this graph result was posted
Context 2 Continued
Tom Fishburne is a Marketoonist
His Comic Strip first got the name SkyDeck from when he attended Harvard Business school
Brand Camp was a cartoon as well as books with 180 of his cartoons from Brand camp
Mostly all of his carttons were black and white you could find some with a little color added in

The Context of the two were different. Published during different years and the authors /website were different . B1 was from a news website and B2 was a cartoon website and created by a marketoonist.
The Tone B1 was serious Tone of B2 was funny
The Structures were completely different as well as style and Technique.
In the Texts Published by ens newswire (B1) and Cartoonist Tom Fishburne (B2) they have similarities in their purpose and audience but its there use of stylistic features that set them apart to have diffent effects on its audience.
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