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The songs that describes Romeo & Juliet scenes.

No description

Paxton Newburg

on 24 May 2015

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Transcript of The songs that describes Romeo & Juliet scenes.

The songs that describe Romeo & Juliet scenes.
The first scene is when Romeo first see's Juliet at the Capulet party. The song I am using is The Way you look tonight by Frank Sinatra. This song describes the scene perfectly because when Romeo first see's Juliet he says he loves her automatically. Even the song title describes the scene perfectly.
The next scene I am describing is the scene where Tybalt is coming to fight Romeo, and ends up killing Mercutio. Then Romeo kills Tybalt.The song I am using is I will survive by Gloria Gaynor. I feel like this song relates to Romeo in this scene. He survives the fight and in the song she says "as long as I know how to love I will survive." I just feel like those words relate to Romeo maybe thinking of Juliet while he was fighting.
The next scene is when Romeo & Juliet decide to get married. I am using the song Marry me by Bruno Mars. This song describes the scene perfectly because in the song he says "Were looking for something dumb to do. Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you." That describes it well because they know it is a dumb idea to get married, but they decide to anyway.
The next scene is when Romeo gets banished. I think the song that would describe it would be the Cheers TV show theme song. In the song it says "Sometimes you just wanna go where everyone knows your name." I think that's what Romeo was thinking when he wasn't there anymore and just wanted to be around people he knew, and especially Juliet.
The final scene is when Romeo & Juliet kill themselves. The song I am going to use is why can't we be friends by War. I think that describes this song describes the Capulets & Montagues feelings after they know the truth. Like if they had just been friends, their kids never would've died.
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