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Presented at WBC on 4 January 2015

Mike Haywood

on 4 January 2015

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Living in the good
of God's grace
utterly defeats all that Satan is trying to achieve
As Christians, we have an Enemy with a main goal of robbing us of the enjoyment of our walk with God.
He will snatch it away from under our very noses while we are sleeping and oblivious to his schemes.
Daylight Robbery: Christians are the target!
How can I begin to pay God back?
Sunday 4th January, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Matthew 21: 12-13
Daylight Robbery: God is the target!
Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money-changers and the benches of those selling doves. ‘It is written,’ he said to them, ‘“My house will be called a house of prayer,” but you are making it “a den of robbers.”’
We Rob God, Satan Robs Us ... God Robs Nobody!
Shocking CCTV!
Thieves steal Christmas money from elderly couple in broad daylight.
Daylight Robbery!
Be Encouraged!
Bishop Odo with a staff in his hand encourages his Squires.
Shocking CCTV!
Bus driver steals passenger's
I have no gift to bring
That's fit to give the King
Shall I play for You? On my drum

Shall I play for You? Shall I play for You?

Oh I played my drum for Him
Oh I played my best for Christ

Then He smiled at me...

Am I robbing God?
With my financial giving?
With the amount of time I set aside for him?
With the giving of true praise and worship?
With the giving of my skills and talents?
With the depth of my love for him?
Shocking CCTV!
Shopkeeper mesmerised by thief who robs him of the day's takings.
1 Peter 5: 8 NLT
The Enemy is on the prowl!
Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.
Satan will rob you of:
Your time with God
Your true worship of God
Your confidence in God's truth ... he's a Liar and the Father of Lies (John 8: 44)
Your walk in God's will ... he disguises himself as an Angel of Light (2 Cor. 11: 14)
Your devotion to Christ ... he leads us astray (2 Cor. 11: 3)
How can I defend myself against the Enemy?
James 4: 7
1. Humble yourselves before God.
2. Resist the devil.
3. He will flee from you.
So where do we go from here?

It's not something to beat ourselves up about
Acknowledge it, learn from it and grow stronger through it.
Resolve by God's grace not to rob him, and not to let Satan rob you.

To deal with this daylight robbery on both fronts, we must cast ourselves on the grace of God.
Casting ourselves on God's grace is the first step of that 1-2-3: Submit yourselves to God.
God's grace is extended to us even when we rob him.
God's grace is extended to us even when we fall for Satan's distraction and deceit and let him rob us blind.

Ephesians 4:27
Give no opportunity to the devil;
Don't give place to the devil;
Do not give the devil a foothold

Song excerpt: "Little Drummer Boy" by MercyMe ©2005
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