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Openbravo 3 - from Vision to Reality

A bit of background on the design context and principles that we applied in the GUI overhaul of the ERP system Openbravo 3.

Rob Goris

on 27 September 2011

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Transcript of Openbravo 3 - from Vision to Reality

created a vision into reality and tamed the ERP monster Come and
get me! --------Set imperatives Holistic Everything should make sense as a whole, not just a set of independent features Relevant Design and build what matters to our users,
leave out the rest Open using a transparent design process
and involving stakeholders at all times Supported Evangelizing both in- and outside the company to get buy-in Realistic We can all dream but somebody has to build it. Ship ..because that is all that matters. that matters! Sketch Ask Observe Discuss Modify Share Prioritize Next
version Sweet spots (1) Master-Detail
(2) In-Grid Edit
(3) Navigation
(4) Search & Filter
(5) Multiple tasks at the same time
(5) Workspace by designing a product
that our users love Got any feedback? Yes. We gathered feedback all the time: Business Partners Openbrav@s Users (usability tests) Strangers (forums, twitter) Form fields layout Level awareness Collapsed top level Performance, response "5 star rating!" - Byte Magazine (Spain) "With an amazing UI and modular architecture, Openbravo 3 has clearly emerged as the agile and open alternative to ERP business as usual!" - Asier Galdos, Project Manager at Almis "I had no idea open source ERP had come this far." - CIO of a large U.S.-based marketing solution provider "Our clients really appreciate the intuitive design of Openbravo 3, and have been amazed by the power and flexibility."
- Eric Kraieski, VP Business Development, TDS Now have a look
for yourself at
demo.openbravo.com or read more about UX @ Openbravo
on openbravouxlab.blogspot.com/ Now, go out there and test, use, implement, sell, share and enjoy Openbravo 3. A little story about how we then turned that "Put Users First; the Rest Will Follow" - Marissa Mayer, Google Inc. Relevant The following sequence of mock-ups shows the evolution of the design And these are screenshots of the final product: Experimenting with multiple tabs and split views Form-grid layout A concept for advanced search and column settings Early sketch of column filtering. This idea made it into the final product. Concept for a portal-style tab "My Workspace" Don´t get too focused on screens. Always keep the underlying processes in mind. Contextual information is important. Here´s an idea for a side-panel and in-form bubbles. Sketch for matching of bank statement with ERP data Sometimes paper & pen is more effective than Photoshop Sketching is fast and annotations easy How would this layout look on a smartphone? A more graphical display of key information Reality check with different screen resolutions (smartphones to big-ass monitors) Here´s where we started to look at visual design Another visual design concept Eventually this visual design direction was chosen Another "pixel perfect" Photoshop mockup showing the chosen visual design Rob Goris,
User Experience Architect, Openbravo S.L.
May 2011 Openbravo 3, from Vision to Reality
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