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Sun Suckers and Moon Cursers

No description

erin holman

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Sun Suckers and Moon Cursers

Sun Suckers and Moon Cursers
-Definition: very dark or black like ink

EX: The inky blackness of the night.
Synonym: dark or pitch black
Hearth fire-
-Definition: old fashioned name for fireplace, usually in the central area of the home
Synonym: home/house fire place
-Definition: very evil
EX: He has a powerful and malignant influence.
Synonym: evil or nasty
EX: He pondered the question before he answered.
-Definition: to think about or consider (something) carefully
Synonym: consider or think over
-Definition: the moon OR old fashioned street light
EX: The parish lantern was bright on Wednesday night.
Synonym: community/neighborhood light
Parish lantern
Synonym: gossip or informer
EX: She is a tattler.
-Definition: a person that tells on another for something they have done
-Definition: a speech about a moral or religious subject that is usually given by a religious leader
EX: He gave a sermon on the importance of kindness.
Synonym: a lesson or reading

EX: We groped our way along the dark passage.
Definition: to move forward carefully by putting your hands in front of you so that you can feel anything that blocks you
Synonym: feeling or investigating -
EX: The parlor furniture was not comfortable.
Definition: furniture in a specific room of the house or apartment that is used for conversation or for spending time with guests
Synonym: living room furniture –(old fashioned)
Parlor furniture-
Definition: land of a particular kind
EX: We had to drive over some rough terrain.
- Synonym: land or territory -
Definition: to be in a hidden place
EX: The cat was lurking [=hiding] behind the sofa.
Synonym: prowl or wait -
-Definition : very nearly or almost entirely
EX: He ate virtually all of the sandwich.
Synonym: nearly or practically
EX: He is an aristocrat by birth.
Definition: a member of an aristocracy (highest social class- the richest people)
Synonym: lord or lady (wealthy) -
Synonym: stain/scar or disease -
EX: The blight of poverty in the city
Definition : something that causes harm or damage like a disease —
-Definition: A person in your family born long before you OR one of the people from whom a person is descended
EX: My ancestors came to America during the 1800’s.
Synonym: forefather
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